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  1. Getting error 0x80073701

    I am using vLite Final (1.1.6). I can also report, that my own suggestion is not working - in fact i get the sudden reboot during installation, afterwards it reports that from some unknown reason setup can not proceed and I should run it again. I am posting my latest ini file for review. Will try some more combinations (of minimal type) and will post back my findings. Last_Session.ini
  2. Getting error 0x80073701

    Well that would be fun if I have not deleted working directory afterwards.. :S Though I have explicitly clicked in the beginning, where you define what components you wish to use, my option for SNMP... So I guess that somewhere along the way I have re-clicked or over-clicked other options :/ Will go now to try if any other additional options can not install successfully and post back, if the SNMP is isolated trouble or not. Later.. EDIT: I can regretfully report, that from exception of Windows Internal Database, absolutely no feature is able to install...I think that I have missed a component that is not dependent in either way, but does holds certain importance during various installations (also could not install Intel Matrix Storage Manager) later on. From what I can figure the only thing that could be that stubborn (and also selected) is Interaction Service Detection (since Application Experience was never checked). Other than that, I really have no further idea on proceedings... I am making new installation disks, will reinstall the whole thing and try again. Will keep you all posted on this..
  3. Getting error 0x80073701

    Hello. Fist, let me congratulate the team working on vLite. This is my first post here. I have been successfully using nLite for some time now (for Windows 2003 installations). I have recently switched my server system to 2008, so naturally, I have tried out vLite. I have modified my installation to minimal as I am running Vmware virtualisation. So after installation modification AND successful install of the system, everything works perfectly (and smoothly ). But now after I tried to install feature, I bumped into a problem. I am trying to install SNMP service as I need it. I go to the server management, add feature and choose proper selection. I click install, the install goes trough, and after it finishes, is says that the feature was not installed due to error: "Attempt to install SNMP Service failed with error code 0x80073701. The referenced assembly could not be found." Also, when I tried to click on print or save error log, I also get error "Failed to open the page. C:\Windows\Logs\ServerManagerInstallationLog.html" So - I am at a loss. I was very careful with the selections for component removal and I know my way around dependencies in Windows. Seems to me that I have installed perfectly working system that is unable to install additional components Could someone please direct mo into solution? I have tried to search Net for answers, also on Microsoft's forums - without any luck. I really wish to resolve this as I do not want reinstall complete system after so successful install. Any help in appreciated in advance. PS: I have also installed Windows Server 2008 in standard installation mode and the error was not there...