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  1. The Q918457 is a patch/update for your software. It looks like RP9 has found something on your system that needs updating for it to run properly. There are 2 solutions:1: Using Windows Update - have it download and install all the updates for your system. 2: Grab the 98 SE SP 3.0 BETA 4 from that thread, and run it. This will also install all available upgrades for your system. Either way, the solution depends on which you feel the most comfortable with (some people don't like using 'Windows Update') Greg BrotherTank
  2. That's very strange. Did you just re-install the Plus pack from the ME installation CD?? or do you have the Plus Pack 98? I Installed the Plus Pack 98 on my ME setup and it works fine for me. I just created another theme today... Greg BrotherTank
  3. The theme manager that you see in win98/Me is only the selection part of the complete package. If you haven't installed it already, you need to install the "Win98/ME Plus" package. Once installed that will allow you to create and save your own themes and styles. Otherwise it just allows you to select themes that you have installed - ie created by others (or direct from Micro$soft), downloaded & installed on your system. In windows ME they only included part of the program... so grab the Win98/Me Plus package and it should solve your problems. Greg BrotherTank
  4. I'm using the latest release along with RP9 and both are working beautifully. The only problem that I have noticed is that when I installed KernalEX - it removed the "Change Icon" button on the properties page. It's nice to be able to set the KernalEX compatibility mode, but I do miss the option to set the Icon for each of the programs that I run. Greg BrotherTank
  5. I have a small problem, and I don't know if everyone experiences it the same as I do, but I can see it affecting everyone depending on machine speed.... In my last update to the current or latest version of RP9, I decided to load a whole lot of the backgrounds that I have for use on my system (I'm a corvette nut so I've got many different pics for background use). Anyhow... I loaded about 40 of them into RP9 so I could change them quickly when I decide I need a change... I selected 1.. and was good.. I have since decided that I would like to change the graphic background, and when I active the RPConfig program, it takes over 5 minutes (or more) to scan the pics and give me access to the configuration program.. my machine is only at 1GHz.... So I unloaded some of the pictures and the wait time was reduced... I added them back.. the wait time increased again.... I tried it with all bmp's.. the same.. with all jpg's the same.. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.. If you consider this a bug... or need more information let me know.. Greg BrotherTank
  6. I very much like the new configuration program... well done... I'm still playing with it, but I have found that it still has the problems with PSP 7 + .. when windows are minimized, they loose the skinning and are cut off, yet still occupy the proper space between... Here are 2 pictures to show you a little more of what I mean... But I can say that the scrolling problem mentioned before is definitely gone... Windows 98 SE - RP9 & PaintShop Pro 7.02 98 SE SP 3.0 BETA 3 Video SiS630 64M 256M Ram Hope that helps... Greg BrotherTank
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