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  1. Thanks for your reply guys, i'll go through these artical.
  2. The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x0000001e (0xc0000005, 0xa00bde9c, 0x00000000, 0x00000000). win2k server sp4 with citrix metalframe 1.8 at DELL 4600 power edge model. installed the most updated MS patch and most of the matched issue ms & citrix fixes. Run all the Dell diagnosetic tools and the result is all pass ( In good condition ). most of the hardware already changed Ram, mainboard, HDD. all Driver is updated as downloaded from DELL. Flashed all firmware. OS's recently formated with a clean install ( followed the server installatin check list ). Discussed with Dell helpdesk & L2 Dell support also not help. My server keep on turned BSOD & Restarts Unexpected, any plp here face these issue b4 ? any solution or idea to resolve these issue please guide me is much appreciated. Thanks in advence
  3. it is a service hiding under system32 and it only will triggle once u go online if u are not ONLINE <---- join public , it's like normal if u stay in private. identify the particural service and delete it. (unpack32.exe). So u need to apply the microsoft recemmemed tweak as fdv posted ( there is some more ) i can found it so i think there won't be a problem for u all Hope this help Best Regards to u all
  4. Thx for your reply yes i have tweaked as microsoft recomemed anyway i have found a solution to resolve the problem now my server is running smoothly
  5. Hi everyone my windows 2000 sp4 just been SYN Flood Attacked and it cannot go Online, once it go online the attack will happen again, i've already do serveral reg fix to remove this syn flood but cannot make it, my server got the most updated HF. anyone face this problem b4 ?? pls guide me . Thx in advance
  6. i also using network cable to passing phone signal aroung office and is working fine.
  7. 3COM Switch Problem

    i've try my to check the coz but cannot manage to find out, if any1 face same kind of problem b4 N has settle it pls guide me. here is the problem - my 3com 4400 bring down my gateway when ever i plug in the cable. - As this 3com switch proform very well at other location - i've log into the switch check the status and is stated "online" - same as gateway status stated "connected" - not error message - unplug all other connected machine - try other port also same as i already replace with other switch, but i've to settle this matter, any1 have any idea pls guide me. thanks in advance
  8. Dell Installation

    As the Dell inf privide limited choices and i would like to customize it like adding user, reg, add/remove windows component ... can any1 please give a helping hand would be much appreciate.
  9. As all knew Dell server product need a specified installation cd to process the installation with the new OS. the cd will generate a .inf file like unattended script to complete the installlation. Does any1 ever try to over-write the inf which generate by the Dell cd using it's own inf file or others script ?
  10. used sysprep.exe to create an Image

    izzit the other 6 PC's same hardware spec the same ? if they all the same just simply copy out the activated "wpa.dbl" then paste for the other 6 pc's it should be able to work.
  11. Windows XP Home Activation

    TQ for your reply ... but i have another weird question here ... Script Code: strComputer = "." Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" & _ "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" & strComputer & "\root\cimv2") Set colWindowsProducts = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ ("SELECT * FROM Win32_WindowsProductActivation") For Each objWindowsProduct In colWindowsProducts objWindowsProduct.ActivateOffline("1234-1234") Next i found this script saying tht can allow the windows preform a offline activation, but i just cannot figure it out ... can any1 pls give me some guide line ...
  12. Windows XP Home Activation

    1. Set the install to automatically activate itself (by setting Autoactivate=yes) in winnt.sif 2. Have the activation file on CD itself. Here's how to do that: Activate your windows Go to the folder "C:\Windows\System32" and copy away the file "wpa.dbl". Now put that file in this path on your CD - "$OEM$\$$\system32\wpa.dbl". can u pls explain deeper a bit , coz i a bit of confuse here ... izzit the activate procedule doing it off line or it's still have to go on9 ...
  13. yes, i've RAID it and i can formated the extended drive using disk manager manually, but last time i doing this with no such problem occur ... just wonder y this matter happen , couse last time never happen like this b4 .... have any idea ??
  14. The matter is like this ... we're using dell product as our server, and as the installation i think u all should knew ... (use the Dell installation CD) as all the while i use this methol there's nothing wrong, till recently weird matter happen ... as u all has knew while using the Dell installation CD it'll partition the HDD for us as we asign the Size for the partition ... but recently the process just format the primary partition only And left the extended partition unlocated ... is it's weird ??? Any 1 can give me some idea why is this matter happen for Win2k N win2k3?? TQ in advance ...
  15. i want to hide a partition in windows xp

    BoostXP i think can do the tricks ....