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  1. Most likely your menu.bat has an exit command or something similar in it, which would cause startnet.cmd to finish. You need startnet to start something else that will "hold" it open, such as a start /w cmd.exe.
  2. bump my question wasnt answered @nycste Hey there. This is Joe from http://www.systemsabuse.com. John is currently looking into the issue above and I've pointed him to this thread so he can let you know when it is resolved. Hope this helps somewhat.
  3. I want the default to be notepad2, but I have some users who would like to use notepad still. What I've done to solve that is to put notepad2 in its own directory but put that directory in the path before windows\system32 that way typing notepad at a prompt will use notepad2, but users can still use notepad via a shortcut I created. I still don't have a solution for why MS Paint won't run. I've found plenty of websites stating to just use the .exe, but I have plenty of RAM on my test systems and I still get that error. The only thing I can guess is that WinPE 2.0 doesn't have a component that by default the .exe actually depends on.
  4. First, by all accounts to add mspaint to WinPE you should just be able to copy mspaint.exe to windows\system32 since it is a self-contained executable. I've done this, but anytime I try to run mspaint I get the error "Failed to create empty document". The main reference I find to this error is that it cannot find the TEMP variable or the folder where the variable points does not exist. I have verified that my variable exists and the folder exists as well, but I still get the error. Any ideas? Is there another paint type program I can put into WinPE 2.0? Second, I have added notepad2 to my WinPE 2.0 build by renaming notepad.exe to notepad1.exe and placing notepad2.exe in the build as notepad.exe. Notepad2 works fine, but when I try to run notepad1.exe nothing happens. I just tested renaming notepad1.exe back to notepad.exe and it opens. Is there some sort of validation that makes it not run unless it is named notepad.exe? I have some end-users of my WinPE build that like notepad2 and some that want notepad. Any suggestions?
  5. Would be great to see an option in the config xml to change the command lines you have specified.
  6. We have encountered this also. After Sysprep runs it removes Microsoft Update and it needs to be reinstalled. We have not tested the vbs solution yet, but would prefer something else if possible. Steve, Can you please provide a link to your TechNet post?
  7. I'm trying to modify the default cmd window properties (QuickEdit, ScreenBufferSize). No matter where I edit them in the registry when I boot WinPE 2.0 they are gone. I've modified it in users\default\ntuser.dat and windows\system32\config\systemprofile\ntuser.dat under HKCU\Console. Anyone know the actual registry file to edit for the equivalent of HKCU in regedit? Note: I am modifying them in the WIM, not directly from X:. I know when you reboot X: defaults back to whatever is in your boot.wim
  8. I believe he was referring to WinPE 2.0 that comes with Windows Vista. The plugin for Bart's will NOT work with it.
  9. Just for reference, it was the other company, not MS that had the issue with the name and kindly asked MS to change it since they owned "ximage"
  10. Just for reference, that fixes it because without the quotes it'll show as: C:\Program Files\Prueba but it will only read up to the space so it's looking for the directory C:\Program which doesn't exist. With the quotes it knows to look for the full directory.
  11. That's my point, I WANT them to install afterwards because some of my vbs scripts have permissions issues if they run when WPI makes them run (I'm testing a change in them to try and fix it) but I think to have the option to change would be nice...but that's just my personal preference.
  12. Feature Request Ok, so right now it seems that WPI runs the RunOnceEx stuff that it adds right after you choose Begin Install. Is there any way to have it run them at the normal time? Like if you add stuff to runonce, then install of windows itself finishes and on first bootup it runs what is in runonce and then you're done? I'd prefer this over having it install them immediately.
  13. Is there a file somewhere in the WPI files that says what version you have? I can't seem to find it (maybe I'm blind).
  14. Ok, so right now it seems that WPI runs the RunOnceEx stuff that it adds right after you choose Begin Install. Is there any way to have it run them at the normal time? Like if you add stuff to runonce, then install of windows itself finishes and on first bootup it runs what is in runonce and then you're done? I'd prefer this over having it install them immediately. Edit: Moved to wish list thread (if it doesn't already exist as an option to configure).
  15. I have WPI configured, runs from cmdlines.txt, and it runs fine, I select my programs I want to install and hit begin install, it then goes through the installs, but at the end of all the installs it went back into WPI like it was starting over. It also had the error in another thread about the Internet Explorer\Styles key not being there (generate.js line 16) and you can't exit out or anything because you keep getting that error. Why would it be going back into WPI after it finished the install of the apps? Newest version of WPI (from 1/6/05)
  16. That's correct, because when you exit WPI after clicking begin install it deletes that key, and since it isn't there to delete it is failing. Perhaps some code can be added so if that key doesn't exist then it should just continue (perhaps this is the desired behavior but it's just broken).
  17. Ignore me, I had grabbed WPI a few hours before you posted the newest one that fixed the issue, I'm all set
  18. I'm wondering the same thing. Also, what does changing the license variable do? I've seen it set to 0 and set to 2, but never seen it do anything differently.
  19. I haven't tried real hardware yet, no modem configured on the virtual, I have two separate virtual setups, I could try running it on the one I know doesn't have the problem and see if it's a virtual pc config error. I'm sure it's not xpcreate related, I'm guessing virtual pc or WINNT.SIF at this point.
  20. Actually...I'm seeing this now I have two different xpcreate setups, one full unattended and one partial unattended (used xpdeploytools to create a UnattendMode=DefaultHide install type and it's the one having the problem). Both sets of files have the same exact hotfixes so I'm guessing it has to be something with the WINNT.SIF since that's pretty much the only thing that's different, I've tried it with and without the following lines with same result: [TapiLocation] Dialing=Tone Any ideas would help. Using English XP Pro and Virtual PC 2004 for testing.
  21. Can I just put them in a folder like nforce (with all the subfolders) or do I need to pull out each subfolder and reference it in winnt.sif (like drivers/nf-audio drivers/nf-ide ?)
  22. Yeah, I'm thinking that it's on the CD still, but I'm retarded and realized I don't need to do that to make it dynamic, instead of echoing the reg info to runonceex.cmd I can just use that file itself and have it skip stuff based on user response, that way it doesn't have to modify any files.
  23. Ok, so I've built a .cmd file that prompts you for which of the apps you want to install, ie. it'll ask you if you want to install the nvidia video drivers, if you want to install the ati video drivers, with a Y/N option, depending on what you choose it uses "echo" to echo the reg line to the RunOnceEx.cmd It worked fine in the testing of the batch files themselves, but during an actual install when it prompts and you say yes, and then it tries to echo the reg add line to RunOnceEx.cmd it comes back with "Access Denied." Now before I do all sorts of different things to try and fix this (is it marked as read-only during this part?) Does anyone have any idea how to fix it. I'm assuming that it has somehow made the RunOnceEx.cmd read only so when I try to echo to it it's not letting me append any text. ANyone have any insight? Any help would be appreciated.
  24. Me too, went back to, does that Q811493 fix it? Seems kind of odd since it was released over a year ago that it would fix something that's broken with SP2 and SAV.
  25. WINNT.SIF TerminalServer = On TSWebClient = On just in case anyone is wondering, I'll let you know if that was the cause of IIS6 being installed.

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