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  1. yer i know still very blogged system but i dont care that much because i always use my older comp for music , browsing and starcraft
  2. lol the old junker is my favourite thing i love it its like a litte kid and hes favourite toy am not getting rid of it when i die am gonna get buried with it lol and i havent got windows 2000 i was going to go get it off ebay by local pick up
  3. If that was the case, people would move on from older OS'es only when the support for them starts to disappear, and it's just not the case (just like they've started replacing XP now, despite it supporting all the new stuff still). People in general actually love the new features it brings (tons of them -- even for the average end-user e.g. cleartype or sleep that works), the eye candy, the stability, the newer faster more reliable hardware, the new things they can do with their computers (like watching HD content), there's about a billion different reasons for IT departments too (better GPO, better deployment stuff, etc). Yep, people are moving away from older OS'es because they found something genuinely better. Yes, again because running on a grossly outdated POS computer with specs worse than those found in dumpsters is the only thing that matters. You should "upgrade" to MS-DOS 1.0 then. Since it's your only criteria, the only versions of any OS you're ever going to like are those older than what you're using now. You're certainly never going to upgrade to anything else. "upgrade to ms dos 1.0" dont be a smart a** just becasue i got a old computer dosent mean you gotta be a little dip s*** to me i got a vista laptop so dont tell me am never going to upgrade but i seen how the eye candy and slow downs and all the other crap of xp and vista can get really annoying and dont say its a s*** computer 2 gb of ram 1.5 centrino dual core
  4. gamehead200 the hard ware was 256mb or 386mb of sd ram pc-133 i think cpu was 500mhz yer not powerful but above the system specs and their for should run just but that will never happan and why have xp when you can have 98 which is much faster and stable you dont seem to understan some people cant afford the ram and the hard drive space and then the posting fees and some people cant buy things because their dad wont let them lol and some people just cant be borthered with it also people that upgrade to win xp only do it so they can run their newer software and hard ware drivers and the eye candy if win 9x could do that then their still be a heap of people still running 9x
  5. I disagree. It clearly shows that most people and businesses are dumping older OSes they clearly don't want of as they found something better to replace it. People are moving on for a reason. lol better i dont think so they upgrade so they can run newer software not becasue their better if they were better then they would be beable to run on older hard ware and they would be faster then their predecessor so they are not better
  6. opera s***s all over internet explorer lol and you guys sure do leave on your computers on for a long time do you really leave your win 98 comp on on for 3 mouths Tripredacus?
  7. ok thanks guys oh and the thing when i said can you get a win xp sticker off the side of the street will i be able to update it ?
  8. CoffeeFiend win xp is a resource hog mabye its all right when stripped down i would have xp if it didit cost much lol can i get a computer of the side of the sreet (thrown away) and take the sticker with the cd key and use it ? and then borrow a freinds cd ???
  9. hey guys i want some thing like windows xp (so i can run xp only programs) but dont want some thing like a system resouce hog like windows xp so i thought windows 2000 so am here to ask is windows 2000 like a hog like win xp on older computers ???? and will it run most windows xp programs and last is it still support by M$ or is it finshed now like 9x ? am gonna try ubuntu with wine soon hopfully that be good with my older computer but i heard that wont go so well with winxp only programs so am planing this ::: windows me on master C: Ubuntu on slave D: and windows 2000 on slave (any drive letter and D: will be partitioned sound goood ?? also i wont ditch windows me as i like it nice and fast and i like to try a linux so why i gonna have so meny OS's
  10. its not in the add/remove programs thing ::::try to delete the file first in your disk drive.. sometimes it works ?? what
  11. ok one more thing i tryed installing it with kenelex with windows 98se compatibitly mode on its installs and every thing and then you restart and it just uses the old drivers and all the apps install but have probloms like :error when analizying file creative mixer will close now and stuff like that at first i made the sound card work by telling windows to install drivers from the cds folder and it install by it self but i want the apps to work i tryed deleting the files windows installed but when i tell it to remove in device manager it comes back next reboot and this may be why the drivers and apps wont install like they should and wont install right in kenalex so how can i delete the drivers and make sure they dont come back in creative labs diagnostics says it dectecs hard ware but says all drivers not installed
  12. starcraft also been playing a bit of SOF 2 on line a bit works nice on my old computer:)
  13. well after talking with creative for a week they finnaly gave me the hole cd for the sound blaster 5.1 sb0680 and then i go to set up and says this your version of windows operating system is not supported by this product . please upgrade to windows 98 second edition or later versions before resuming installation i got windows ME ver 4.90.3000 would you guys know why its doing this ? thanks for your time
  14. windows 98/me is the best only if they still supported it:(

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