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  1. WIHU Wishlist

    @Benjamin, thanks.
  2. WIHU Wishlist

    Hello Benjamin, i have got a little request: Is it possible to get an option to select between a RadioButton (Optionsfeld) and a CheckBox (Kontrollkästchen) for each command (see picture), so that you can select only one thing in a group. Thanks for your reply Greatings pastl
  3. Nero VisionExpress

    I use a autoit3 script for this, it works simple: start %CDROM%\Programme\Nero\nve21218.exe /SILENT /NOREBOOT start /wait %CDROM%\Programme\sleep.exe /65 start /wait %CDROM%\Programme\Nero\nve.exe nve.exe (nve.au3): AutoItSetOption("MouseCoordMode", 0) winwait("NeroVision Express Installations-Assistent") MouseClick("left", 70, 187, 1) ; Alle Datei-Assoziationen deaktivieren; muss jeder selbst anpassen For $i = 1 to 12 Step 1 send("{Space}") Next ; Fertig stellen controlclick("NeroVision Express Installations-Assistent", "", "Button2", "Weiter >")
  4. Hy RaveRod, read this, i guess it explains how to handle the problem. Microsoft Support pastl
  5. runonce installs

    Use: $OEM$\$1\install $OEM$\$1 <----means Systemdrive $OEM\$$ <-----means win directory
  6. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    @Benjamin, great job with the new menu. pastl
  7. @SilloSyben, to shut down the Language menu, just use this: if you don't need the language menu at all, just del the following lines: if you like to have english as your default language and need no other language, just del all language lines([LANG0], [LANG0.MENU2],.......) and use this instead: by the way, this gives the path to the MS Setup.exe: to use for the Icons. pastl
  8. McAfee Virus Scan EE v7.0

    Hi jagojago12, just extract your vs7.exe with winrar. inside it you'll find a msi-installer where you can use the /qn-switch like: vsp7\vsp.misi /qn pastl
  9. @evilvoice, thanks for your answer, I'll try it. pastl
  10. @mmarable, What do I have todo if i don't want to create a folder, just using Link Title and URL? Like That? ,MSFN,http://www.msfn.org/ Thanks for your help. pastl
  11. xps2 rc2 how to...

    try this, Security Center Deaktivieren (Ab XP SP2) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\wscsvc] "Start"=dword:00000004 pastl
  12. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    @Benjamin than's alot for that. i didn't thought that i'll get this so fast pastl
  13. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    @Benjamin Thank's a lot for doing this. but by the moment, your exams are more important than this Pastl
  14. Windows Installer Helper Utility

    Hello Benjamin, you've done really good work with this little programm, but i've still a little reques for you . Is it possible to put more command-lines in each process, like command.0, command.1,.......? It would be good for a few apps, witch start themselve after the installation process. I mean something like that. [Miranda IM] command.0=%systemdrive%\Software\miranda\Setup.exe /S command.1=taskkill.exe /F /IM config.exe description=like ICQ Thanks for your help and good luck for your exams. pastl
  15. MSI: start /wait msiexec /i %systemdrive%\install\apps\ms\bootvis.msi /qb INSTALLDIR=D:\Prgramme\MSN or: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\apps\ms\bootvis.msi /qb INSTALLDIR=D:\Prgramme\MSN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Inno: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\apps\hase\setup.exe /SILENT /DIR="D:\Programme\Hase" or: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\apps\hase\setup.exe /VERYSILENT /DIR="D:\Programme\Hase" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NSIS: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\apps\hase\setup.exe /S /D=D:\Programme2\Hase ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wise: start /wait %systemdrive%\install\apps\hase\setup.exe /S /X D:\Programme2\Hase pastl