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  1. Madgutts, Im not quite sure what code you mean. Can you explain it a little more or can you suggest the code I might need. I have the shutoff for the music on most of the pages, will add them to the others hopefully sometime today. Im sorry for being ignorant when it comes to "code" but Im just a begginer with html and websites.
  2. Thanks for the reply Matrix. I kind of suspected that was going to be the answer. I dont know if Im ready to try frames yet. Im still in the early stages of html. A lot of copy and paste stuff. Im sure you know what I mean. Daniel
  3. I have some midi's inserted for background music on my website. When I go from page to page the midi's start over again on each page. Is there a way that I can make the same midi play continuously on all the pages without starting over again each time I change pages. Perhaps if you have a look at my site and try the moose, deer and wolf pages you will see what I mean. They all have the same midi. http://www.nrtco.net/~polarbear Thank for reading Daniel
  4. ?'s About Defragmenting Windows...

    I have to agree with oftentired in respect to CCleaner. I love it. As far as software for defraging, I personally dont like to put software on my system when it's already provided in Windows. But thats just my choice. I much rather save the space for something else.
  5. ?'s About Defragmenting Windows...

    Hi Kelzy I remember when I was running a defrag on 98se with programs running in the background and if an advertizement changed it would send the progress back to 0% and started over again. There would be a messege that said something about my system had changed and must restart. My recommendation is to close everything down, even disconnect from the net to run the defrag. What I generally do is close all programs and disconnect from the net, start the defrag, turn off my monitor and go to bed. I also found it was a good idea to clean house, temp files, cookies, do a disk cleanup before starting the defrag. Daniel
  6. Greetings From Canada

    Hello all. My name is Daniel and I live in the great white north. I dont know much about pc's but I try. My latest system acquisition was as follows: Qty Part # Description --- -------- --------------------------------------------- 1 463-7590 DIM 4700,P4,540 (3.2GHZ),HT,INT SNDNICV 1 310-1582 DELL QUIETKEY KEYBOARD,104,ENGLISH,TIED 1 310-4037 DELL 2-BUTTON USB OPTICAL MOUSE,DIM 1 311-3621 512MB DDR2 SDRAM AT 400MHZ - 2X256MB,DIM 1 313-2280 V.92/56K INT TELEPHONY WIN MDM,DIM,TIED 1 313-2437 48X CDROM AND 48X CDRW,DIM,M 1 313-2758 INTEGRATED AUDIO 1 313-4514 NO SPEAKER REQUESTED,DIMENSION 1 320-3873 128MB PCI-E X16 ATI RADEON X300 SE,DIM,M 1 320-4121 19 IN (19.0 IN VIS.) 1905FP,DIM,M 1 340-8860 3.5IN,1.44MB,FD,212,DIM 1 341-0884 160GB SERIAL ATA,7200 RPM,DIM,M 1 412-0521 DELL PHOTO ALBUM STANDARD 1 412-0688 IMAGE RESTORE, DIM 1 412-0705 ADOBE ACROBAT READER 6.0 1 412-0721 DELL SUPPORT 3.0,DIM 3000,4600,4700 1 412-0737 MCAFEE 6.0,OEM,ENG,90DAY,DIM 1 412-0741 MUSIC MATCH 9.0 BASIC,DIM/INSP 1 412-0749 DMX 3.0 BASIC,DIM 1 420-4834 WIN XP HOME,SP2,ENG,DIM,TIED 1 420-4927 WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 10,DIM 1 430-0412 INTEGRATED,INTEL PRO 100M PCI NIC CARD 1 463-2282 THANKS FOR PURCHASING YOUR DELL 1 412-0701 WORD PERFECT PROD PACK,V12,ENG,DIM My personal site is located @ http://www.nrtco.net/~polarbear/ I invite you to have a look and be kind and sign my guestbook. Thanks for taking the time to read. Daniel