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  1. I will try to use that script on my next CD... looks promising, thanks for the post. Here is the KB Article at MS that makes more sense of the INFID option INFID KB Article This is some info from that site that may be the anser you are looking for. Sorry for the numerous posts, but I just wanted to add the info I have been comming across today.
  2. We tried this at work for a long time and decided the upkeep for this procedure was way too much work We invested in a program from Bardon Data Systems Called Full Control (Http://www.bardon.com). This was a very comprehensive lockdown program that was easy to administrate. Plus the great thing was that we could get the computer the way we want it, then click on the stability button, it would scan the computer and build a config that would not allow any other programs to be run until you log in as the FC Admin and do another stability scan. Instead of using gpedit.msc make yourself an Admin and make the other accounts Limited (not admin). This will allow you to use NTFS permissions to limit the use of the computer and it's programs. This may be easier to configure eventhough it may take longer to get the initial setup working. I just wanted to give you some alternatives to look at.
  3. More To Add, Add this as an enviroment variable DEVMGR_SHOW_DETAILS = 1 Then open device manager, open the properties of your network card, click on the new details tab, select harware ids from the drop down box then a list of PNPIDs should populate the box below it. I used the second id listed and it seems to work well. That should be better than installing a sharware program :-) Enjoy.
  4. I found an easy way to find th PNPID on a computer already running Windows. Download and install this FreeWare (Sharware) file which collects info for backing up drivers. Collect the info, maximize the screen and find the hardware you want to get the ID for. Then look under the Device IDs field and that should be the info you need for the INFID option in the unattend file. You can also disect the INF file if you have a copy of it. Since all my drivers are included with Windows I did not know which INF to open. Hope this helps. (The attached file is an executable, please run a virus check before running it) Well, on second thought... Well it will not let me upload the file, it is only 900K or so... goto www.zhangduo.com click on freeware at the very bottom of the page and then click to download "my drivers". Hope that helps some....
  5. Just a couple of suggestions, If you open the case, does it still happen? Most reboots I have seen are heat related, check all your fans (especially your CPU fan). Goto http://www.memtest86.com and download an ISO. Burn it to CD and boot from it. This will test your RAM as well as your CPU (since the CPU controlls the RAM). See if you get any errors, run the test 3 times if you get errors, and they are at the same place each time, then you have a bad stick of RAM. If there are errors but they are not at the same place (same megabyte range on each f the 3 tests) then you have a heat issue, or an issue with your Mainboard or CPU. Last but not least, run a chkdsk that scans the entire drive for errors, or goto http://www.grc.com and purchase SpinRite (I think it is around $60). This tool will scan your drives for errors and recover any data from bad sectors. It alsy will maintain your drive by making sure all the 1's and 0's are read correctly. to run a chkdsk type this at a command line, chkdsk /f /r c: or boot from an XP CD, hit r for the recovery console and type this chkdsk /p /r c: Post back if you have any more info.
  6. ATI has a great USB 2.0 TV Wounder adaptor that comes with some decent software to do video editing. I believe they still have a PVR program that will allow you to export to Mpeg2 (DVD Video) Look up the TV Wounder at http://www.ati.com and find the best pricing at either of the two sites listed below: www.pricegrabber.com www.pricewatch.com Pricegrabber is easier to use, but only has "mainstream" businesses, pricewatch has more of the mom and pop stores that give good prices and good service. If all else fails, http://www.newegg.com is a pretty good place to get some online shopping done. Sorry for the plugs, but these are the places I go to shop online and as long as I picked a store with a decent rating, I have never been ripped off. If you were going to buy a dvd recorder for your home enternainment system, I know that Toshiba has a decently priced TIVO/DVD Recorder combo box for aroun $400. It comes with a free subscription to TIVO Basci (which is pretty much just the guide) but it also has a built in Hard Drive so you could get what you want and a DVR all bundled into one box... if you wanted :-)
  7. Have you tried using different disks? Floppies are prone to damage. Try 6 brand new floppies if you can. Make sure the floppies you are using are the correct floppy set for your CD. If you have an SP1 floppy set, it might not work with a CD that has SP2 on it. I have not used floppies to install XP for a while now, but that could be a possibility. Also, if possible, try installing by booting from the CD. What is the reason you are using the floppies? Did you customize your install CD and were not able to make it bootable? If that is the case goto http://unattended.msfn.org to find instrucitons on how to make it a bootable CD. (There is a nifty tool you can download from the downloads section that will do the trick nicely. If that does not help, and you have tried to install from a real CD and the same error occurs, then you may have a bad piece of hardware. The most common issues with installations that I have had (hardware related) have been when the cache on the CPU was damaged, or that the cache memory on the hard drive was damaged, you can try to install it on a different drive if you have one available to check the HD suggestion. Let us know if you are still having issues and what things you have tried.
  8. In the XP Deploy Kit there are two utilities named oformat.com and cvtarea.exe which should take care of your format needs, if in BartPE (or WinPE) you can use DiskPart to partition the disk as you please, then run oformat then cvtarea as listed below (taking MS's reccommendations into account) oformat.com C: /a:8 /Q cvtarea.exe C:\cvtarea.tmp 10 %disk /contig /firstcluster 3 (remember to change c: to whatever drive you need to do this to) This should accomplish your desired outcome. I personally ghosted an image of my drive configuration and just made sure to purchase the same size drive as my initial setup. Then it is a one-step process of ghosting the image perfectly into place. Hope this helps, (and that you are still checking this forum)
  9. Just add a /S (must be capital S) to the end of the Stylexp install file. The only problem is that it still asks if you want to apply Coughdrop. Hope this helps.

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