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  1. File and printer sharing (server) and probably Internet Explorer. A lot of those announcement type windows are just custom fronts for IE.
  2. Look in the working directory of your last vlited build for a file called 'last session.ini'. Post that here so people can see what caused the errors.
  3. http://firegeier.unattended-sponsor.de/en/applications.html http://www.msfn.org/board/Unattended-Vista-f149.html
  4. I've recently did (what I thought) was my final vlited install. Everything seemed to work fine at first, but after doing windows update I've found my firewall has failed. I traced it back to the base filtering engine, which is reporting an error 15100 'the resource loader has failed to find the MUI file". There are also some other spurious entries in the service list. Both EMDMgmt (readyboost) and PolicyAgent (ipsec) are listed, even though they weren't installed. Their entry are completely blank, and any attempt access them gives me first: "Configuration manager: A general internal Error has occured" then "The resource loader failed to find the MUI file". So, can this be fixed, or do I have to do another install? TIA My vlite config (on a 'official' sp1 integrated disk): ; vLite preset file ; ;#Environment: ; vLite v1.2 RC ; Framework 2.0.50727.832 ; Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 32-bit ; ;#Target: ; Ultimate-sp1-x86 32-bit Service Pack 1 ; Version 6.0.6001.18000 English (United States) ; [Compatibility] [CustomHide] [Components] ;# Accessories # Accessibility Games-Game Explorer Games-Inbox Games Games-Premium Inbox Games Notepad Paint Speech Support Welcome Center Windows Sidebar and Gadgets Wordpad ;# Drivers # Display adapters-Ati Display adapters-Intel Display adapters-NVIDIA Display adapters-S3 Display adapters-SiS Diva Server Modems Printers-Apollo Printers-Brother Printers-Canon Printers-Citizen Printers-Dell Printers-Diconix Printers-Epson Printers-Fuji Xerox Printers-Fujitsu Printers-Gestetner Printers-HP Printers-IBM Printers-Infotec Printers-Konica Printers-Konica Minolta Printers-Kyocera Mita Printers-Lanier Printers-Lexmark Printers-Minolta Printers-Minolta-QMS Printers-NEC Printers-NRG Printers-Oce Printers-Oki Printers-Okidata Printers-Olivetti Printers-Panasonic Printers-QMS Printers-Ricoh Printers-Samsung Printers-Savin Printers-Seikosha Printers-Sharp Printers-Sony Printers-Star Printers-Tally Printers-Tektronix Printers-Wipro ePeripherals Printers-Xerox QLogic Fibre Channel Adapter Scanners Sound controllers TV Tuners-ADS Technologies TV Tuners-ASUSTeK Computer Inc. TV Tuners-AVerMedia Technologies, Inc. TV Tuners-Compro Technology Inc. TV Tuners-Conexant Systems, Inc. TV Tuners-Creatix TV Tuners-Hauppauge TV Tuners-KNC ONE GmbH TV Tuners-KWorld TV Tuners-Lumanate, Inc. TV Tuners-Philips Semiconductors TV Tuners-Pinnacle Systems TV Tuners-TerraTec Electronic GmbH TV Tuners-VidzMedia Pte Ltd. TV Tuners-ViXS Systems Inc. ;# Hardware Support # Dynamic Volume Manager Fax Support Modem Support Smartcards TV Tuner support XBOX 360 Controller ;# Languages # Arabic Brazillian Bulgarian Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Simplified Chinese Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Table Driven Text Input Processor Thai Traditional Chinese Turkish Ukrainian ;# Multimedia # Intel Indeo Media Center Movie and DVD Maker Music and Video samples Sample Pictures SideShow Sound Recorder Windows Calendar ;# Network # Connect to a Network Projector Distributed File System (DFS) Internet Explorer Internet Information Services (IIS) Remote Desktop and Assistance Remote Desktop Client RIP Listener Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Simple TCPIP services Telnet Client Telnet Server TFTP Client Windows Collaboration Windows Mail ;# Services # ActiveX Installer Service Desktop Window Manager Diagnostics Distributed Link Tracking Client Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC) Error Reporting Interactive Services Detection IP Helper IPsec Policy Agent Microsoft DFS Replication ReadyBoost Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Remote Registry Routing and Remote Access Secondary Logon Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) SuperFetch TPM Base Services Volume Shadow Copy WebDAV (WebClient) Windows Event Log Windows Remote Management Windows Search Windows Time ;# System # BitLocker Drive Encryption Crash Dump Support Digital Locker Digital Rights Management (DRM) Disk Quota Guided Help IMAPIv2 Burning Support Jet Database Engine MDAC Microsoft Client For NFS Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Parental Controls Performance Counters Reliability and Performance Monitor Security Center Software Quality Management (SQM) Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) System Restore Windows Backup Windows Easy Transfer Windows SAT (Performance Index) Windows Ultimate Extras [Options] DEP (Data Execution Prevention) = Default User Account Control (UAC) = Disabled AntiSpyware Realtime Protection = Default Memory requirement = Default AutoPlay = Disabled Paging Executive = Enabled Power scheme = Balanced Power button = Default Sleep button = Default Hibernation = Default Control Panel - Classic View = Default Show hidden files and folders = No Show protected operating system files = No Show extensions for known file types = Yes IE Phishing Filter = Default IE Phishing Verification Ballon Tips = Default [Services] AELOOKUPSVC = Disabled ALG = Disabled FDPHOST = Disabled FDRESPUB = Disabled HKMSVC = Disabled IDSVC = Disabled IPBUSENUM = Disabled NAPAGENT = Disabled NETLOGON = Disabled PCASVC = Disabled WCNCSVC = Disabled WINHTTPAUTOPROXYSVC = Disabled WMPNETWORKSVC = Disabled [Protection] [Drivers] C:\rm\drivers\audio\cmajor\xp\NOV04\WDM\stac97.inf C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\New Folder\Graphics\igxp32.inf C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\New Folder\HDMI\IntcHdmi.inf C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\New Folder (2)\System32\Drivers\wacomhidfilter.inf [Unattended] [Hotfixes] [LanguagePacks] ETA: Is this an issue with IPsec and the base filtering engine? I know alot of the net services are heavily dependent on each other because of the ICS API, but I thought IPsec was seperate. I mean, the BFE is used by Ipsec, but surely the BFE wouldn't fail if IPsec weren't there, or would it?
  5. Better guide to services: http://www.blackviper.com/WinVista/servicecfg.htm

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