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  1. cuz i think i downloaded the right .exe (for SP1) for vLite but i dont see the intregrated hotfixes. is the version: 6.0.6000.16386 (is this version SP1?)
  2. ughh... i gave up after about an hour of my life!!! =( i did everything right until i got confused on the adding the apps to WAIK in Audituser or something... i didn't know what to specifically do! so i did what i think was right and then saved it, and i got so much errors on the bottom it says so and so was not modified so it was not saved....
  3. sorry but idk what to do? i have vLite to use, and idk how this will be done. please, if you can, post specific instructions? thank you. (first time trying out vLite)
  4. how do i do it? like make vlite install vista and THEN my software automatically without me. so like... when i start installing my vista, i go to sleep, wake up, see everything is installed even software, (adobe after effects, adobe premiere, kaspersky etc...) how do you do this? i would LOVE to do this!

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