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  1. So I’ve actually been meaning to write this for a while because it’s been annoying the hell out of me. I have seen people saying that 7105 and 7106 of Windows 7 are RC builds and the RC will be > 7100. Well all I can say to those people is that you’re wrong, you fail, and you need to learn how the development process works inside Redmond before you go spouting about a build being an RC ESCROW or now. There’s also the other camp (*cough* Thurrott *cough*) that seems to think that Microsoft is strictly working on RC and have not let winmain continue building towards RTM. Again, learn how t
  2. I am not even going to try it until it goes final.
  3. MS has stated that 25% of Windows 7 sold will be of the 64 Bit flavor. That is what I will get.
  4. I have two accounts one old and one new. They work better with connectoer. Try it.
  5. Do you have the outlook connector installed?
  6. You should have created another Partition for Windows 7. At this point, I would format and reinstall Vista.
  7. Hello my name is Gary.
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