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  1. @rivimey I think he meant for you to uninstall/delete you current copy of Nlite, then reinstall it and begin process from beginning?
  2. CBC

    XPize 3.1

    ahhh...quite a GOOD WEEK for new releases! Thanks XPero!
  3. CBC

    Xpize 4 Suggestions

    It's pretty much spot on as is, but I would like to have the option of a smaller toolbar skin, & I would be a Happy Camper! Thanks for this nice work!!
  4. This is purty freekin' SWEET! I installed last night & am enjoying the new look. A thinner taskbar would be nice, but... Also, when it first loaded up, it had a new wallpaper installed, but when I look for it in the Windows folder to change around, it is not listed in there & I can't see it listed in Wallpapers now. Where did it go? Thanks again for the finishing touch to my Nlited box!
  5. @fluid Yes, you burn it as an image in Nero, & you are good to go.
  6. As mentioned before, the "flow" of the tabs could be re-arranged so the last one is "make an iso", after you reduce the install folder. Gotta say again...this thing totally rocks! After the install, I ran AutopatcherXP, to get just the critical updates, and the silent install app for vid codecs Id found in another forum here, & this thing is running great!! I wish I had another puter to try out slimmer & slimmer installs to see what the bare minimum I could get away with. Right now though, it seems that everything I want to have is here, and what I didn't need is out. Yeah, I know...I'm gushing a bit here, but this thing beats the pants off of XPLite! kudos ti nuhi!!!!!!!!!
  7. OK, I'd forgotten the WIN51SP1 file, as nuhi pointed out. Re-build the .iso, burned, installed, everything seems to be fine now! Still fine-tuning, but ..an AMAZING app nuhi!! Many thanks!
  8. Very strange...Just now tried to install w/ my Nlited XP Pro/SP1 disc. It booted fine, looked over my hardware, but then asked me for my XP Professional Sevice Pack 1 CD !! wtf? I have follwed nuhi's instructions to the letter, and my version of XP Pro dfinitey has had SP1 slipped properly into it, as I've used the disc for two years almost to re-install with. What am I missing here? My disk has: Data folder I386 folder nlite.exe nlite.log selected.ini the htnl support thing WIN51IP file
  9. & that's why I asked. thanks
  10. Q before I do my first nlite real install: What does the SFC file protection do? What is the benefit of disabling it when creating my nlite .iso? Is this similar to Window File Protection? thanks all..looking forward to doing this today!
  11. @Hanschke Prolly a stupid question, but you do know that your burned .iso disc will not autostart from a cdrom with Windows running, a la the official disc, right? You have to switch your system to boot from CDrom in bios & then restart. Again, you prolly know this, but just checking, as I have overlooked "simple" things too many time myself before!
  12. I still think the tab for creating the iso should be all the way at the end , to follow the flow of the process, but.. <starting to collect latest drivers for my clean install tomorrow>
  13. Another Q about removing IE via Nlite I remember a while back LiteXP's earlier versions had trouble after IE removal as: "Removal of IE now leaves %WinRoot%\System32\hlink.dll behind. This is used by other apps - in particular System Restore." Anyone know if Nlite leaves that needed hlink.dll behind in the event you wish to do away with IE? Am in urgent need of a complete wipe/reinstall & am planning to do it w/ Nlit this weekend. Cheers
  14. I also agree on not liking I.E much, but I think many recent apps are written with dependencies to it..
  15. Was/is your filesystem NTFS? Not sure if this may help but perhaps you had another program that had associated /locked itself to those particular files/format type? I am probably wrong about this but I had a similar problem with some mp3 files & my default tagging app. Couldn't delete them no matter what I did, till finally rebooting in SafeMode. Later I found this: There are ways to find out what process has files locked under NTFS. Check the support site at microsoft for details on that. Here's an example for Server 2003 that should also work under XP: http://www.mvps.org/sramesh2k/processlock.htm HTH
  16. Maximus DVD's link appears to be dead
  17. not ignorance...more like "laziness". try reading thru it - you'll learn a lot!
  18. I use bits of most other ppls list. In addition: dbpoweramp MAD bundle Burrrn Burn4Free (navhelp removed, of course.) Avast 4.0 free version A/V BNR2 XPLite (but looking seriously into using Nlite instead) AutopatcherXP for M$ updates
  19. Aztec Mystic- Have you tried installing your drivers in Safe Mode?
  20. thanks for the answers/links, SeaP!! off I go!
  21. First post in this forum. Thanks to nuhi for such a GREAT idea/app! I've been wishing for something like this for a long time. Just a few questions (read thru all the posts & didn't see it mentioned) After burning the .iso to a disc, I note the different file/folder structure compared to the standard XP install disc. Q #1: This disc can still boot up for installing? Q#2: since I don't have VPC or an extra machine to play on, if I wish to do a clean install over a current XP partition, what's the best way to go? Will the nlite allow me to reformat the part. I wish to use, or? Sorry, these are probably stupid questions, but just wanting to make sure before I jump in. That's for all the great info shared here.

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