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  1. Wow, thanks MSNwar. I just finally made it back over here and found this thread. Good to see things are back up and running.
  2. Heh, this guy did a hit and run at your site too.
  3. Cheers Rev. Good to see it is being sorted.
  4. Yeah, I tried to reply a while ago and was stuck at the submit page too.
  5. This really sucks! I don't understand people sometimes. I hope it gets sorted quickly Rev. I enjoy visiting you site.
  6. Bwahahahahaha! I had the same thought!
  7. I have been very pleased with Filetopia and Tesla. Thay both have good encryption and once you find your way around, there is nothing you can't find.
  8. I am not sure if you can or can't get into the bios. I tried reading back through this but am short on time. If you can get into the bios, make sure your AGP is at 2x.

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