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  1. Hey guys I was checking NOD32 out. Is it better then AVG? That's what I use. Thanks
  2. I was afraid of that. They've had bad luck lately w/ their computers. Just wanted to exhaust all avenues before I tell him the bad news. He'll have to start to use Dells Onsite Support, that goes w/ the contract.
  3. Hello All I have a modem in a new dell. It's not able to dial out. I really CAN'T open the system and move the modem around, it's in a 3 year contract. I don't want to void the warranty by opening it up. He is trying to use AOL. I used hyper term and got the same results. The phone line works and I'm able to dial out number from the handset. Also, I'm sure that I have the right phone jacks in the right terminals. There's no voice mail or call waiting preventing it to dial either. The drivers are current for that modem. What else can I do to try to correct this problem. I always hated modem thank GOD they are a dying breed! I'm gonna miss the screeching noise though. Thanks.
  4. 3000 / 384 last time I checked. But they are beta testings 6000 / 762 ? something like that in NYC.
  5. I've studied exchange 2k. But it's been awhile since I cracked open my mcse books on it. Right now they have 1 inch of dust on them... As far as I remember there is support for Groupwise.
  6. Thanks. That will have to work for now.
  7. Hello All! I've been using trillian for a long time. I have verion 2.02 and this morning my Yahoo didn't want to connection for nothing in the world. So I fired up the stand alone Yahoo client & it worked fine. I'm assuming that Yahoo changed the protocol used for their chat client. p***ed me off. Does anyone else have a better client? If so let me know. I need something that has all of the client into one program. Thanks
  8. rlocone

    XP on SATA

    Don't feel bad... It happens to all of us, we possibliy CAN'T KNOW EVERYTHING, ALL THE TIME. That's one of the downside to our industry. Always changing. To be honest w/ you. I never personally install a SATA drive yet. I can't wait to get my hands on one and go through the experience. At work recently I help build a server that had 8 SATA drive in it, but it as all Red hat corp install, not xp. I put the hardware together that's all.
  9. That's what I'd suggest unless someone has a better suggestion. As for my avatar. You're close it's the Obsidian Order & Cardassian 2nd Order Insignia. I was planning on putting up there Gul Dukat. Thanks for noticing...
  10. Well I used to use dynamic for one reason. I used to combine my drives into on DRIVE D. So, I only have 3 drive letters worry about. But a lil problem cropped up. If I had to reinstall it would break the spanned volume. You can't get back in. When windows came back up it would report missing volume. So for now I left everything to basic cause of that reason. If anyone know how to correct my issue please let me know. Thanks
  11. Only thing I can think of. Does the joystick have to be calibrated? Did it come w/ a driver CD and if so are you using it?
  12. Well, my other post didn't make it. I thought it posted... I guess not. Anyways. My oldest son has a p3 550. I want to replace it. Then I want to upgrade mine and give it to him. Then build me a new one. I have 1 Dell PowerEdge 1350/500 Server it's old and slow. It was great in it's day but not now. The server I was thinking of getting an opteron or a 64 chip. But those chips cost and arm & a leg. But the prices will come down.
  13. That's what I'd like. Doesn't mean that I'll be able to get all. Actually 1 PC needs replacing BAD. It's an old p3 550, and serves as a workstation. Also there is a Power Edge 1350/500 Server. Which is old and slow. It was ONCE a nice server for it's day. My PC has a7n8x w/ 2500 & 768mb of ram. My pc it'll probably be passed down to my oldest son. He's into his GBA roms and games. I'll get him a kick a** graphics card for him. I'll just build me the ones w/ the above specs. My wife wants a machine too, for what she only checks email... Then there is my daughter. It would be nice to get one of those Hello Kitty cases for her. So, that all of my house in a nutshell. Hope you guys enjoy it. Oh Yeah. I luv my Dell Ultra Sharp 19" Flat Panel!!!!
  14. Nah You're straight. My eyesite is not @ it's best. As long as it's 1024x768x32bit color & 30fps, Oh, and no flickering.I'm happy. Right now in this system that I'm on it's only got a ATI Radeon 7000 card in it w/ a Dell Ultra Sharp 1901FP
  15. rlocone


    I found out some more info if anyone is interested http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1593 Pretty neat stuff.
  16. I'm not really a gamer, but If I was I'd get ATI Redeon All In Wonder
  17. rlocone


    Hello All! I'm looking @ playing around w/ BTX? Does anyone know where I could buy some parts for a test machine? Thanks
  18. Hello All! I'm planning on replacing all the computers in the house w/ the following. DFI KM400-MLV" KM400 Chipset Antec Aria Model - LS-968 Maxtor sata - 250 gb ZY250m0 or Western Digital - 250 gb wd2500jd AMD 3200 OCZ Model - OCZ4001024DLDC-K pc3200 1024 gb 2 x 512 mb I want a small footprint. Thanks
  19. I've run into something similar. I have 2 nics on my system. Dr. TCP will come up and allow me to change both NICs, but the settings will not stick. My MTU will default to 1492.
  20. All hardware stuff is keep HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. If your looking for reg keys there are tons of them in there. If I'm wrong let me know.
  21. excellent selection. I was looking for that.... Thanks!
  22. Don't you guys have Time Warner over there? I had a really bad connection in Wilmington. Sucked big time. But, the one in NYC ROCK SOLID!
  23. xp boot sequence check this out.
  24. I'd like to do that to my netgear router!!!!!!! Awesome pics. If and when I decide to kill the router I want to shoot live vid.
  25. Well building these shelfs would provide 2 purposes. 1. organize the devices and 2. hopefully help the devices work better.
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