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  1. Hello All! I'd like to build a set of corner shelfs for the following equipment. Router Voice Router Cable Modem Cable Amplifier Surge protector Hopefully, this will reduce packet loss. Wll this work out or not? Does anyone have a better idea? Lately my connection has been horrible. I think it's packet loss that is killing it. The cable guy came and put in a cable amplifier. He told me that it needs to boost the signal back to the head end. It' helps the connection to some degree but still every other page in IE crashes. I've even rebuilt the system from scratch. Thanks
  2. I had the same problem w/ onboard nic. I added the nic (*.sys & *.cat) files to the i386 folder. That worked for me.
  3. To let anyone know. If you happen to run into this. Try checking your domain. That's what happend to me. My domain acct was causing this problem. I logged in w/ my local all works fine.
  4. Hello All! Today I made a manual build of Sp2 v2096. Here is the courses of action I took. Installed from a slipstreamed sp1a cd. Then installed auto patcher XP. Everytihng worked fine. Then I installed sp2. After returning from the reboot. I noted that I couldn't do office 2k3 updates. The security settings were set to HIGH. I tried to change them. It didn't allow me to do so. I went into custom settings and changed it. Still nothing, It kept reverting back to HIGH. I added the site into the trusted Zone. Still nothing! I saw someone posted something about changing a registry entry machine lock down. I changed that setting and rebooted. Nothing changed. It's still continuing. Anyone has Ideas how to fix this thing. Thanks.
  5. A whole bunch of stuff that is set to auto. I've never seen anything like it before. From as far as I know Error reporting & event viewer are auto and start fresh out of the box??????????? They are auto but not running!!!!! This blows me away!
  6. Hello All! I just made a xpsp2 -v2096 build. For some strange reason NOT all of the Automatic services will start. I have to manual start them. There is NO regtweaks applied. This needs to be done everytime the system is reboot. Anyone have any idea why this is happening & how to fix it? Thanks.
  7. Hello All I've been trying another way to install stuff via a setup.inf file. Problem my cmdlines.txt file is not run?!?! $oem$\cmdlines.txt [COMMANDS] "RunDll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 0 .\Setup.inf" $oem$\setup.inf signature = "$CHICAGO$" Compatible = 1 AdvancedINF = 2.5,"You need a newer version of AdvPack.DLL!" LayoutFile = layout.inf, layout1.inf, layout2.inf [DefaultInstall] AddReg = AdvSetup [AdvSetup] HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"User settings", 0, "%systemdrive%\\users.cmd" HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"Acrobat", 0, "%systemdrive%\\install\\Apps\\Acrobat\\adberdr60_enu_full.exe -p"-s /v\"/qn\""" HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"SpyBot", 0, "%systemdrive%\\install\\Apps\\Spybot\\spybotsd13.exe /silent" HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"ISOBuster", 0, "%systemdrive%\\install\\Apps\\ISOBuster\\IsoBuster.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-" HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"AdaWare", 0, "%systemdrive%\\install\\Apps\\Adware\\aaw6181.exe /s" HKLM,%RunOnce%setup,"Nero", 0, "%systemdrive%\\install\\Apps\\nero\\Nero63115.exe /silent /noreboot /no_ui" $oem$\users.cmd CLS @ECHO OFF ECHO Adding Default User... net user rlocone /add net localgroup "administrators" rlocone /add ECHO. ECHO Applying Root Registry Tweaks... REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\regtweaks.reg REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\services.reg ECHO. EXIT I never tried this approach before. If there is anything wrong in these files please let me know. Thanks.
  8. I have a few questions. I didin't find one in my build named that? I have a file w/ the same name "_" I'm not installing hotfixes. So is it safe to delete this file? I tried to apply a default theme. Maybe this is why it doesn't work? The SP2 v2096 replaces it. What? The original one will apply the themes? What is this? A Program that you can use? It will delete un-needed files? Also, I had a few files come up missing. They started w/ IRxxx.ax? I have know idea what these are. There are about six of them that come up. I just skip them and all is fine.
  9. I'll just take out the autologon in the winnt.sif file it's easier to me. I'll try that before I step out the door and come back to see if it's done in Virtual PC. I could just make another virtual drive, and format as d:. & see if that works too. Any other ideas or suggestions. Thanks again.
  10. Hello All! First off Thanks for a wonderful site & a resources available. I'm trying to make a xp sp2 cd w/ Apps, Drivers, RegTweaks & Users. There was a problem early in the install process. It told me that it couldn't find a few files. I slipstream the sp2 to the build sucessfully. Now it was missing files??? I'm using sp2 v2096. Later I'd like to add 2135. Autologon didn't work & adding users didn't work. Then it came up it asked for the admin pw. I entered it in & it installed the apps. I want it to install all the apps & tweaks to the users that I add not the admin acct. When you have spaces in directory/files names do you have to put a "" in the command for it to work? I believe that is why Virtual PC failed to install. My Regtweak.reg file & my services.reg file didn't even get applied. I ran them manual. The services.reg ran fine, but the regtweak.reg file ran fine visually. The stupid Windows tour came up anyways. Next, I tried to put a default theme. Only the wallpaper works @ the logon screen only. The classic theme is still coming up. I think that that might be cause I have a $doc directory to a non-existant drive letter. If that all it is then I'm ok. I can fix that. Attached you'll find my files. Any help would be appreciated. rlocone_files.zip
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