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  1. @TomoDak I'm using SP2 2096, but I have a slipstreamed nLited install on my system right now. Maybe it's just the VMWare that screws up or whatever... no idea yet so I'm back of experimenting.
  2. I haven't tried installing my drivers in safe mode, just because I don't want it to do it that way. All the other setups run just fine. First I thought it might have been the problem of my RunOnceEx, but even when I tried in normal mode it wouldn't work... I have tried it with drivers left in there, and with all the drivers out. No difference. Stupid setup from nVidia, first time I wish I didn't have this nForce chipset. Maybe the setup uses something I do not know, but so far I only know that the setup requires DirectX9 for install but it warns you if you don't have DirectX9. Is there anything else that the setup could need? I just left out everything that is recommended for removal except for wordpad, IE, QoS, firewall, Multilanguage support, error reporting, autoupdate, security center. It's just sucky that everything else works just fine, but even if I go into the hardware manager and select the ethernet card, I choose to install the driver from a specific location, browse to the right folder with the right drivers in it, it doesn't find the drivers... I guess this has something to do with the GART drivers that need to be installed too, maybe this is because VMWare can't acces the chipset the way it's supposed to or not? I have no idea.
  3. everything worked out fine on my latest "build", now I have only two problems, How do I get rid of the logon? I always have to click that stupid administrator account before windows actually starts... This isn't really a problem but more of an anoyance. Now the second is a bigger one. I can't install my nForce drivers, I've tried a few different versions. They always stop after the installshield prepared the installer. Then I installed vb runtimes (didn't change anything), then installed framework, (didn't change anything). Does anyone know what the nForce setup needs to run? Apparently I delete something while nLiting my XP install CD what this setup needs, but I just don't know what... Any help greatly appreciated
  4. Is it ok if I spread around this installer on as many sources as I can? I mean do I need to put in some kind of license from you nuhi? I just want to send it around so other people can find out about this great tool too... it's a torrent already nLite.torrent nLite.torrent
  5. Sooooooooo... Reading through these 15 pages hasn't brought me closer to a silent install of winamp5.03 Anyway, if anyone knows how to create a .msi file would be my next semi-god (and of a lot others I am sure) which installs winamp with/without video support. If there are people who know os any switches for the .exe (haven't found anything though) Plz let us people know too.
  6. On another note , I don't seem to have the problem with copying the files in the text setup, I don't use the "make ISO" command from nLite, but the .cmd file provided by the unnatended tutorial from msfn. Maybe the problem resides there... The files copy fast enough and there is no disk non-activity whatsoever.
  7. Can you disable the quickstarte icon using the silent install? the code for runonceex should be: cdrom or systemdrive depending on the kind of install you chose, and the paths changed accordingly.
  8. Those are video and audio codecs who aren't there, the problem is that m$ forgot to delete them in the file listing. You don't need em and you can bypass them, or you can download them here if you really want them: http://smetske.madoka.be/missing.rar just throw those in the I386 folder on your install cd (it's on my webspace so there should be no problem linking to it right?)
  9. If you export the key before you apply the one above you'll be able to switch back normally.
  10. After the windows installer executes cmdlines.txt at T-12, a dos screen pops up and dissapears immediately(I guess this is the runonceex) and after that is just stops, I've read through the guide from mfsn more then once and can't seem to find the problem. The CD.txt is on the CD, the cmdlines.txt and the RunOnceEx.cmd are both in the $OEM$ folder. I have also moved all my installs to the install folder which is at the same level as the $OEM$ folder. I just can't find any problems, can anyone find what I've overlooked here? Thx in advance. This is my cmdlines.txt This is my RunONceEx.cmd
  11. thanx for the switch edit: Just use the export function in the reg editor to get the right .reg file.
  12. A little tribute Even if I'm just starting this windows unnatended stuff, I just love this tool (it's in the lower section hehe)
  13. @Milgathia After slipstreaming you have directx9.0b no? I slipstreamed the sp2 2096 (not even the latest but the last one from m$). I nLited my install cd, and after installing it (nothing updated) I ran dxdiag, and it gave me version 9.0b (4.09.0000.0903) One more Q: What happens exactly when you remove the valueadd folder?
  14. @Grimsage I have the same problem, for now you'll have to do the parts seperately. You just can't drop em all down at the same time.
  15. Ah ok, thx but I'm not gonna use those leaked things , for now, it's just waiting for the official sp2 for me thx.
  16. Hmm, after a new install trying out nLite again, the installer prompted me for a certain file namen dtihait.ht_ or something, I just popped in my winxp pro sp1 cd and he copied from there, after that i switched the cd's again, so no problem but maybe a glitch worth mentionning. With the first install I had some problems with my network, second time I left in the QoS packet scheduling and internet explorer and that solved the problem, maybe someone else also had this too... For the rest, top notch program, it's really made for dummies like me . Although I study informatics . Anyway, maybe there would be a way to implement like a directx, driver, codec update etc. All pre-install and not post-install, I have tried doing it with batch files but I screwed up totally . Where do you guys get the 2126 version anyway, the only one I was able to pull of the net was 2096. After that I had to install 3 critical updates still, maybe you could implement those too. Maybe I'm asking a bit much, but if I could implement them into your prog I would. Because then this would become the only tool you'd ever need to trim your windows and at the same time make a fresh, clean and even up to date install. One more thing (sry ), I didn't edit the winnt.sif file and the only thing the install asked me was the partition during the text install, didn't even ask me to format the drive, what resulted is that now I have a windows.0 folder and dualboot ... Now the only thing is the install from HD, I wasted a lot of CD's already by experimenting, but hey, can't get it perfect otherwise
  17. Ah ok, thx for the fast reply, you don't really need them right? They're some audio and video codecs if I'm not mistaken. Can't do anything wrong by throwing them in in the meantime right?
  18. Well thanks for this great app Nuhi and congratz on your birthday I seem to be having some minor problems with shutting down my windows with the "nLite version". Maybe it's only my pc but maybe someone else is having the same prob, when I press shut down computer it takes a whole lot of time before the choise menu pops up. My desktop goes entirely black (frankly i don't mind that) but after that I can't click anything... So nothing but a reset is left for me. Also, after slipstreaming I know there are a few files that are missing (the iac25_32.ax etc... If you throw those in after trimming down your boot cd, it does include them in the iso right?

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