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  1. 1. use a pe and than type: "bcdedit /store "C:\Boot\BCD" /enum /v" look for: "detecthal=Yes" no?!, than copy the {guid} of the OS and type and past the {guid}: "bcdedit /store "C:\Boot\BCD" /set {guid} detecthal yes" that should fix it. 2. did you install with a unattened.xml? ...sysprep with a xml?
  2. registry Wow6432Node after sp1

    would be nice if vlite can fix it!? saving time and would be nice for those who doesnt see!
  3. registry Wow6432Node after sp1

    after updating to sp1 with or without vlite the ultimate x64 version have a registry problem! under the software\Wow6432Node is another Wow6432Node! and when installing other soft it build one Wow6432Node after the another! the regtree seems like this SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\Wow6432Node\.....! i fixed this by reverseintegrating and delete the 2nd Wow6432Node befor capture! the only thing i can understand is that the original ms dvd hat the problem too! does anyone know if it is a bug by themself or something to f*** up the user! by the way everything works, only repackage prgs sucks by the reg loop at Wow6432Node!! oh and the user folder get a many underfolders to much 4 ntfs after a while! did ms want that or is it a bug!? im not the only one, or??? please anybody check this, it can never be healthfully to have a problem like this! not good for the reg, the system or thomething else! if im the only who had the regloop then please post it too! but i cant think so!
  4. Is there a way to fix my sound

    creative?!? x-fi, audigy...!? 4gig or more ram?!? look 4 the new beta driver!!
  5. Media Center on Server 2008

    would it be possible when...? load reghive SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing\Packages\*everything mce needed* setting owner to the "server sku" like the other ones!? dont have time to test it but i think it will work!
  6. Media Center on Server 2008

    I did, have a look at this: MCE.zip You have a * - Add.reg to add registry settings to run MCE, a * - Remove.reg to undo that you added (if you mess it up) and a txt file containing all file dependencies you need. how did you examine it? a special prg? something to read out all dependencies of an executable? need to know for some other things to import/export! tired of searching everything by myself!