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  1. I have a multiboot USB made with WinSetupFromUsb which is really a great program!!! i have bartpe + erd commander (yes is possible with a little hex edit) , ubuntu, winxp..i would like to add some old dos utilities i have, diagnostics etc...they are in CAB format (eventually i can extract it off course) ..i guess i need some sort of DOS image to startup...how i should proceed? thanks!!!
  2. yes i tried with gparted 0.3.6-7 and its working...strange because it wasnt with the newer version... matteo
  3. i tried many times to format with "HP format tool" my USB sata disk... i think an usb disk should work the same as pendrive, shouldn't? i tried with the embedded version of HP which is in WinSetupFromUSB, (with the selection "fixed") fat 32...it takes ages and then at the end it gives an error...drive too big... i tried resizing the partition to 6gb with gparted and it's the same... my pendrive is 8gb and it is formatted very quickly,,,, what am i doing wrong?
  4. ok thanks and for INSTALL ubuntu i should do like this? title INSTALL Ubuntu root (hd0,0) kernel /casper/vmlinuz file=/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity quiet splash -- initrd=/casper/initrd.gz or where i put the only-ubiquity?
  5. yes i was aware it was not correct... original isolinux.cfg DEFAULT /casper/vmlinuz GFXBOOT bootlogo APPEND file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash -- LABEL live menu label ^Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer kernel /casper/vmlinuz append file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash -- LABEL live-install menu label ^Install Ubuntu kernel /casper/vmlinuz append file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only-ubiquity initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash -- LABEL check menu label ^Check CD for defects kernel /casper/vmlinuz append boot=casper integrity-check initrd=/casper/initrd.gz quiet splash -- LABEL memtest menu label Test ^memory kernel /install/mt86plus append - LABEL hd menu label ^Boot from first hard disk localboot 0x80 append - DISPLAY isolinux.txt TIMEOUT 300 PROMPT 1 F1 f1.txt F2 f2.txt F3 f3.txt F4 f4.txt F5 f5.txt F6 f6.txt F7 f7.txt F8 f8.txt F9 f9.txt F0 f10.txt
  6. i tried with the latest available version http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.p...ckage_id=271779 i will maybe try wi8th the older versions you suggest and let you know... thanks for quick answer... matteo i did add ubuntu but it was not easy...(see my post)
  7. Gparted is not working well for me...it loads ..take a lot of time...lot of verbose comments..then ask for my keyboards..ask for my language and then finally finish into a terminal type shell...i thought gparted had a graphic GUI (well i am sure it has one because i have it on ubuntu)..i tried all the various options (load in mem, safe etc) why so? any ideas? it is probably possible to use it like this too but too complicate for me... only thing i myabe should add i also have ubuntu live in the same partition (and bartpe, and winxp install), but in a different folder off course (casper) matteo
  8. so hello to forum..i am new to the world of usb multiboot and i should say i was shocked about all the difficulties...i am not particularly hi tech savy but i thought, seen how much spead this pendrives are, it would have been more easier to create such useful tools... so i used the good program WinSetUpFromUsb found here: http://www.msfn.org/board/How-to-install-f...SB-t120444.html and built a multiboot win winxp install bartpe and Gparted...Gparted dooesnt work well but that's another story maybe for a new topic... so i wanted to add ubuntu and installing from the program just didnt work...i changed isolinux into syslinux and isolinux.cfg into syslinux.cfg (found this info somewhere) but didnt work..off course i also edited menu.lst and changed kernel path... was not working... so in the end i started again and first of all i built an Ubuntu 8.04 Usb bootable following these instructions: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/2008/04/09/us...ndows/#more-370 then after i used WinSetUpFromUsb to add bartpe xp install and Gparted.... then after many tries i edited menu.lst like this... title Ubuntu root (hd0,0) kernel /casper/vmlinuz root=/dev/rd/0 pmedia=usbflash boot=casper DEFAULT vesamenu.c32 PROMPT 0 append file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu.seed initrd /casper/initrd.gz quiet splash i am not really aware of what i am doing cause i am not very techy in linux and grub...anyway now it works... the qemu (usb virtual pc) doesnt work with it , but trying on a real pc was ok...the strange thing was during boot of ubuntu i didnt see any graphics (the ubuntu splash) but verbose comments... this install menu in try only way..i still have to edit the menu to add "install permanently" and failsafe...