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  1. I need some advices.

    Doru, if you dont want a password....just dont put anything in your winnt.sif related to Admin pass. For the rest of your questions you will see the answers in the MSFN guides or here in the forum. Bafta.
  2. http://www.xs4all.nl/~wstudios/Associate/s..._wassociate.exe Freeware
  3. Internet Explorer 7 Tweaks

    Thanx JRosenfeld. very usefull.
  4. http://www.microsoft.com/office/sharepoint.../migration.mspx
  5. Setting up a forum

    I think you should go on PHPBB...it has a lot of support and mods. Maybe you can download directly a "modified PHPBB".
  6. AntiVirus

    My opinion is that NOD32 its still superior to Kaspersky. Mine it uses 18Mb (probably more than Kaspersky) but EVERY MODULE is activated. If I activate EVERYTHING at Kaspersky I see a big slowdown of my system (Athlon64 3400+ socket 754, 2Gb RAM, 2x160Gb RAID 0).
  7. XP64 freezes for 25 seconds !

    Great post cluberti! Thank you very much. Had the same problem sometimes.
  8. it works very well with the default (Microsoft) driver. True, you dont have all the functions of the bluesoleil drivers/software....I hope they will produce asap a x64 bit edition of their software/driver.
  9. [Help] - Booting off a SCSI Drive Problem!

    With a different mobo you can boot from the Sil0680 card. Like I do, but I have set a SIL STRIPPED SET with 2xHDD in RAID 0. But if I put a CDROM or DVDROM connected to that card I can boot from the SCSI device. Its no problem. Maybe you should take a look on the manufacturer website for a new BIOS for your mobo.(maybe they've been added this function).
  10. RyanVM's downloads

    RyanVM, maybe you can include the latest updates please (from october...). Thank you.
  11. XP 64, Silicon Image, and Adaptec

    Same problem here. There is no driver for 0680 yet. I hope the lazy people of SI to do it until next year.
  12. Daemon Tools Final Solution

    Still the problem with 'New Hardware Found'...of course, I've disabled the Windows Update search for the drivers...but still...maybe an AutoIT to press the 'next' buttons?
  13. How to convert 5 x ISO to 1 DVD Please Help

    prathapml, the Farcry CD's have protection...so you better make CD images to each cd and then put all images on a dvd. After that, use DaemonTools to load the CD images... P.S Or, at least, if you want to put everything in one folder, make a CD image of the play disc....
  14. @SilverHaze420 The settings for folders are in '[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced]' not in 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer'
  15. Astalavista, your guide is not there no more The error returned was: Sorry, the link that brought you to this page seems to be out of date or broken.