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  1. I am currently running server 2003, and would like to test out server 2008 beta. After I install server 2008, it boots fine, and then when I boot into server 2003, it boots fine, but then when restarting to boot into server 2008 (or 2003) again, just after boot up I get a disk read error, how could I resolve this? Thanks in advance.
  2. hey guys, i used the excellent nlite tool to create an unattended windows server 2003 installation, and it works perfectly, except for one thing- i was wanting to do a repair install of my windows, so i booted from the disc, but it didnt find any windows installation, it just proceeded like it was an empty hard disk (obviously there is a windows install on the disk) ususally, the windows cd finds the installation and gives the option "press r to repair this installation" so im just wondering what option i might have set that has caused this, maybe the disabling of windows system file protection? i just need to get this one thing fixed and then im all set
  3. i recently picked up a scheduling utility, which works out great for automatically running a daily spyware check, a weekly defragment, etc. i'm sure this program could be used to do a weekly disk check, if i only knew the command syntax, but i havent been able to find it surprisingly. im tired of manually clicking around to do my system maintenance, and am trying to learn to automate all this stuff, that's my ultimate goal. thanks in advance if anyone knows the command line syntax to schedule a disk check at next restart
  4. hi- when i run my screensaver, either through my screen saver launcher on the taskbar, or just let windows run it at the designated time, the screen saver doesnt run at all-it just goes straight to the login screen. now if i click the preview tab on screensaver properties, it'll run, but it wont run normally. i thought this was being called by a program called processguard, so i uninstalled it, just to find that this wasnt the problem. can anyone advise as to whats wrong? or do i have to live from now on without any screensavers? i never knew how annoying it could be not to have a screensaver working-till now ;( thanks in advance
  5. i dont know if this was the right place to post this- but i looked and looked and could find no info on what i need to know- so im taking a shot in the dark here. i have a geocities plus account. i know how to use the ftp function- but heres my question: can i set up an ftp sub account, for instance if i wanted to let someone upload into a certain folder of my choosing, could i somehow make a sub account for them? i long ago read something on this topic, but now i cant find it for anything- i hope someone can point me in the right direction
  6. Hi, I have so many junk choices when I right click a file that I actually have to scroll down to get to the delete. There must be a fairly easy way to edit the entries in the right click menu, adding some and removing others. Anyone know of a little program thatll do this? I dont really want to spend a thousand hours editing the stuff manually, I think my days of doing that kinda thing are passing. Usually I dont post to forums, I just spend sometimes hours looking for the answers to my problems, but this time I dont feel like deaqling with it- can anyone help? I run widows server 2003 by the way. thanks in advance

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