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  1. 98 has floppies. I believe the number was around 35.
  2. I have, the only part that I know I have besides a pentium 4 is an ATi RS200, and its not there, but I don't really care about the video card at the moment. HP does not release which drivers the laptop uses (Not even the names, from what I saw), as all of the drivers are in XP by default. I know the hard drives trouble (as the power incident with the laptop probably crapped it up), I'm currently trying to get a different hard drive, but there's no way for me to get it currently, I have to wait a few months. I tried to get online by using this hack to get my Nintendo Wifi USB connector to connect to WiFi, but apparentley, whenever I put my usb card in, I have to ctrl+alt+delete and close a program, and the usb device doesn't work. Edit : Also, the Nintendo Wifi USB connector is a buffalo one, if that helps any.
  3. Hi, I'm running a HP ze5270 laptop, and I've recently started installing Windows 98 onto it. INFO : Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 40 GB HDD (Toshiba MK4021GAS-(PM) 512 MB RAM CD/RW/DVD Drive (No Floppy drive, it broke) Whenever its scanning the hardware, it just BSODs. The laptop was originally made for Windows XP SP1, but I downgraded it, as it was going slow, and I need to run some very old applications. Any help would gladly be appreciated ^_^ EDIT : I got it working by doing setup /p i... I haven't actually run windows yet, since right now scandisk is running because my hard drive has some bad sectors, but seemed to install fine. EDIT2 : Sigh, this is the problem, I can't find any drivers at all (not even any for my Ethernet)... I guess I can't use Windows 98 after all...
  4. http://www.videoallgame.com/ We're doing some work on a main website, although we really need some php/html webmaster to design a CMS for it.
  5. I recommend reinstalling your whole OS unless you have something you really need, it will speed up your computer some, too, since it won't have all of those ads running the background.
  6. One of the main changes I notice is that Compiz is included in the installer.
  7. Firefox 3 works nice under KernelEX. Perhaps you should use that, instead?

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