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  1. How about using dispart and creating a formatpart.bat and createpart.txt and putting it in the [GuiRunOnce] section? Will that work if I want to partition my drive to a specific size? Thanks
  2. Hi!

  3. Hi All

    Just registered yesterday for an unattended installation question. The site looks very nice! I expecially like the very well done avatars.
  4. ShyGirl!

    LOL!!! I bet she'll never wanna sit on your lap and check what you're doing on your computer again!
  5. Hi

  6. Monitor installation

    That is exactly what happens to me. ji46, if you find out how to fix it, please let me know how to fixed it. Thanks!
  7. Monitor installation

    How did you get your monitor to auto install? For driver signing, do you mean DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore ? That's what I have under [unattended] Also, does anyone know what folder the pnp monitor drivers are located in windows xp? I want to try putting all those drivers in the oem folder and tell the answerfile to refer to them under OemPnPDriversPath and see if that works. I'm still learning how to perform an unattended installation correctly. thanks
  8. Monitor installation

    I'm having the same problem with my xp unattended installation. Is there no way to tell the unattended file to install the plug n play monitor automatically? I mean, if not, so much for the 'unattended' part