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  1. I don't know since when or why but latest hfslip cannot determine the correct language of my source which is Greek and it thinks that is English. I think it has to do with prodspec.ini and hfslip cannot read the "Localization" string correctly. I had that problem in the past and Tomcat76 had corrected that. PRODSPEC.rar
  2. I tried today the new version and installs correctly but when I run the app it ask for a serial, although my serial is genuine and correct and is accepted by the addon maker.
  3. You haven't select Vc++2005. I did and I tried to select everything but I always get the same message. I also noticed that whatever I select the output file size is the same.
  4. I tried the 1.9 installer and created a hfslip unattended installer but I have a problem. The app seems to install but when I try to run I got an error message that the application is not installed correctly.
  5. bfc_xxx

    Windows Updates

    KB951748 is removed from hfslip list but it keeps showing on WU. Why?
  6. The hfslip is a script that slipstreams service pack and updates for xp and it can do it for every language. Also it can call an executable or a registry file at T-13 or at first logon and this helps to make unattended installation easier. The idea is that I put every update to the right folders and there is a folder that I put the executables or registry files for T-13 and a folder for first logon. So I think if you can make an autoextractor that should be great. My language is Greek and every page is translated. thanks
  7. You can post an example of code? I don't know hfsplip. hfslip understands only exe files or exe silent installers.
  8. Can you add an option to create a silent installer for HFSLIP use, or tell me which are silent switches because I think I cannot use 7z addons with hfslip.
  9. bfc_xxx

    HFSlip for VISTA?

    Try Vista-tool here Also there are ready packs with updates which you can use whatever language is your Vista.
  10. If you add more laguages and you have more time please add also Greek.
  11. bfc_xxx

    Windows Updates

    The WindowsXP-KB915865-v11-x86-ENU.exe points to Windows-en-US-KB943729.exe. The correct I think is Windows-en-US-KB943729.exe regards
  12. I have the same problem. How can I fix it in the latest beta HFSLIP?
  13. bfc_xxx

    Windows Updates

    Yes I'm slipstreaming WMP11, also IE7. XP Greek Pro SP3
  14. bfc_xxx

    Windows Updates

    I followed your list and after that WU is still asking for KB954600, KB952069 critical updates and for KB943729. Also is asking for WM11 updates KB939683 and KB929399. Why don't you add them in your list?
  15. Have you used .NET 3.5 SP1 and 3.5 SP1 langpack or have you used .NET 3.5 and 3.5 langpack? Note both set of files have the same filenames. I think it is SP1 because I followed your link
  16. The files I use where: dotnetfx.exe langpack.exe NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe NDP1.1sp1-KB928366-X86.exe dotnetfx35.exe dotnetfx35langpack_x86el.exe and the files created: DNF11_el.exe, DNF20_el.exe, DNF30_el.exe, DNF35_el.exe I used the instructions from post #329 and tested on clean install. I installed DNF11_el.exe, DNF20_el.exe and then restarted and installed the DNF30_el.exe, DNF35_el.exe.
  17. I use SNM_mod6 but after installation in windows update it keep shows that Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0: Language Pack x86 (KB928416) needs to be install. When I install with WU it fails the installation. Any Ideas?
  18. I tried beta 12 nov hfslip and windows update asks kb939683 and kb929399 (both wm11 updates) to be installed. Is it safe to add them? Also asks for kb943729.
  19. I'll tell you a workaround until SNM is updated (I hope). Download Roguespear's "Microsoft .NET Framework V1.1 SP1" + "Microsoft .NET Framework V3.5 - Full" silent installers. The .NET 2.0 + 3.0 are included in 3.5 silent installer. Put the 1.1SP1 installer in HFSVCPACK so it will install at T-13. Put the 3.5 installer in HFGUIRUNONCE so it will install ar first boot. If you want language packages you can install them at first boot (e.g create a sfx silent installer) like this: Hope it helps for the moment.
  20. You can do it with windows xp sp2. Add directx_9c_redist.exe in hf folder and there you go.
  21. DNF11 + DNF20 --> HFSVCPACK DNF30 --> HFGUIRUNONCE The files should only be copy to the 2 folders, and nothing more. ??? That's right because DNF11+DNF20+DNF30 are silent installers.

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