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  1. yea reseal succeeded but it still asks for the CD key, even though i put it in the sysprep.ini file
  2. The default location for sysprep.inf is C:\sysprep; setupmgr creates it in the current folder by default. its there but its still not using the product key and stuff, keeps asking for it. what is wrong?
  3. whata hell is extensive configuration lol. i just ran the setupmgr tool to create sysprep file, and put the CDKEY and stuff in the file
  4. gotcha, ill give it a try later i just used NET USER /DELETE to delete the accts i didnt want
  5. ok and where do i place that sysprep file that i create?
  6. ok so i just use the sysprep tool for that, doesnt matter how i installed windows and such? because i was looking at your guide and stuff, but i prefer the method i install applications and of XP. will resealing it delete all user accounts created and stuff? edit: would this work: ^OK THAT METHOD WORKED, but is there a way to NOT make it ask for the cdkey again? and delete all user accounts
  7. quick quesiton, u know how when u buy a new computer, and turn it on it goes to that screen automaticly where u create ur username, setup network stuff and junk. is that possible to do with an unattended setup? right now what happens is it installs windows and restarts then goes to that screen to create the username but i wanna beable to shutdown the computer, ship it to someone, have them turn it on, and have them see that screen.
  8. so i dont have to put anything in my RunOnceCmd.bat or whatevers it called? how is this executed?
  9. whats the silent install for the Digital Persona FingerPrint Software?
  10. yea i figured that 1 out, just that when i searched, couldnt find the right asnwer, but finally on the last search page i found it lol
  11. Do you guys have a switch for RunOnceEx for kaspersky anti-virus 5.0? and to make the reg file install silently?
  12. ok the part of the setup where it says select file system, and partition info, etc... i want to make that all automated. any way to do this? ive allready put AutoPartition=1 and Filesystem=convertNTFS

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