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  1. Hi, I'm following a recommended way of repackaging Sophos for deployment through tools like Zenworks and SCCM which uses WinRAR as its method of compression and setup. Within the SFX comment file, you launch setup.exe with some default command line switches e.g. Setup=SAVSCFXP\setup.exe -mng yes -ni -s -crt R -updp c:\temp\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML\ -G "\sophos\Group" The -G bit I added as I want the installer to put the machine into the right group once Sophos installed. Problem I'm having is that we have about 15-20 groups, so 15-20 installers; this means ensuring that each RAR/SFX file is pointing to the right group. Is there a method in WinRAR that allows you to pass a command line variable to the setup string in the comment file? For example: c:\temp\savinst.exe NEXTGROUP Having NEXTGROUP pass through to here: Setup=SAVSCFXP\setup.exe -mng yes -ni -s -crt R -updp c:\temp\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML\ -G "\sophos\" & %VAR% ending up as: Setup=SAVSCFXP\setup.exe -mng yes -ni -s -crt R -updp c:\temp\savinst\SAVSCFXPXML\ -G "\sophos\NEXTGROUP" Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. I've just tried changing the Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts from Guest Only to Classic, but on reboot even that setting changes back. I am an administrator of the machine so in theory I should be able to change that setting. Would an AV like Sophos prevent the change?
  3. No, not in a domain. We're currently in a Novell Network (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll change soon!). I've just tried the fix and it failed.. It's really odd!
  4. Hi, I'm having some issues with Windows XP's Simple File Sharing. We need to have it switched off so a third party power management tool can connect to our machines, however we've been having issues turning Simple File Sharing off.. I've followed the usual root to folder options and switched Simple File Sharing off there; I've also changed the ForceGuest option under LSA in CurrentControlSet, ControlSet001 and ControlSet003 but everytime the machine is rebooted, SimpleFileSharing is re-enabled. There are no policies in place that would do this and there are no scripts that run to change this setting either. Has anyone every come across this before? Neil.
  5. Cool, cheers for the Dell links; they are slightly more affordable! Think is shows that consumers in general don't seem to care that what they are buying is a step back from the CRT days.. same story with LCD TV's... some are really awful! But hey that's probably another thread somewhere else! Thanks again for the info, it's been most useful.
  6. Thanks for the info... as I thought. Colleague of mine has just pointed me to LaCie! http://www.lacie.com/uk/products/product.htm?pid=11093 Better start saving!!
  7. Hi, I've recently bought a Samsung 22 inch wide screen monitor for my partner who is trying to start up a web design company and am a touch disappointed with it.. One of the things the monitor was bought for was to be able to design logos etc, but we've been noticing that colour gradients in particular aren't displaying as they should. I've yet to calibrate the monitor with a screen spider, but if that fails to improve the picture, would a new graphics card help? There is currently a fairly basic Intel onboard graphics card in there at the moment. Neil.
  8. Hi The Internet WiFi router is and DHCP is off. The server is assigned (netmask; any further WiFi devices are using addresses from - 29. The server distributes DHCP via a switch addresses ranging from - 99 with netmask of The server shares the internet with the clients on the switch via the Remote Access / VPN server role (RAV); this role is setup to use the internet with the 30.30 address with the WiFi router (30.20) as the gateway and the netmask of 255... The RAV role also managed a NAT firewall, but switching this on and off made no difference. Neither the Wireless devices nor the Wired devices can see each other. This is my current topology: My colleague has just suggested something interesting though. I have an old Netgear ADSL router at home that he suggested I use. He thinks I should continue to serve the internet to the server via the internet router but then have the old router plugged into the switch, receiving a DHCP address from the server and distributing DHCP addresses (either from itself or from the server) to the Wireless devices. He also suggested that because the server is receiving the internet on one card and connecting to the switch and it's clients on another, there might be some issues there.
  9. Hi Got a networking problem that I just can't figure out! Network setup as follows: LAN: Internet -> Router (static IP via WiFi) -> Server 2003 (DHCP via wired) -> Switch -> LAN Clients WLAN: Internet -> Router (static IP via WiFi) -> WiFi Clients (Laptops) (Router is same for LAN and WLAN) The LAN server is in my home office and is acting as a File Server and NAT server to the clients in the office via the switch. Trouble is, the LAN clients can't see wireless network and visa versa, so the files on the server are inacessable to the wireless clients. Any ideas on how to get the networks to talk? They cant even ping each other. Server setup as follows: File Server role Remote Access / VPN server role (supplies internet to office) DNS Server DHCP Server (supplies IP's to office) WINS Server What puzzles me is that the server uses the router for the internet, but can't ping it, or the clients on the WiFi.. Thoughts? Neil.
  10. Hello I've put together a VB6 application that controls my workstation imaging using ImageX. I currently have a app written in AutoIT that control it but it's fiddly to update. One of the things the AutoIT script does is reads the output of ImageX so I can increment a progress bar. I'd like to be able to do the same in VB6 and have managed it to a point, in so far as I can read the output if there is an error (which was intentional so I could check that it worked!). I found a piece of code called GetCommandOutput (written by Joacim Andersson) which I use to read the output. I run into problems when I try and run ImageX with a valid image so it will progress. Rather than incrementing my progress bar, it hangs the form because (I'm assuming) it doesn't reach the portion of the code where it does this task. Looking at the code I found, Joacim suggests that in order to stop the form hanging, the GetCommandOutput class should be run as an ActiveX EXE asynchronously. Because there was no info on how to run an ActiveX app from a standard one (I've no experience in this) I found another article that explained. I followed the instructions and it worked in a STANDARD windows environment. When I ran the same app in WinPE (2.0) it complains that it can't create the ActiveX Object (Run-time error '429'). I've played around a bit to try and get this to work. One method was to create an OCX in VB6 as I figured that that might help as you can register the OCX using regsvr32. This got rid of the error but the form hung again (I'm assuming because the OCX would be properly embedded?). So back to the ActiveX EXE. Dim ProgLoad as commandoutput 'calls the ActiveX .. Set ProgLoad = New commandoutput .. .. ix = ProgLoad.GetCommandOutput("imagex.exe /apply i:\xpprep0.wim 1 c:", true, false,false) 'GetCommandOutput is the function inside commandoutput .. 'Loop through the output array which breaks down the output so I can find the %'ge figure. If you need to see the GetCommandOutput code then I'll paste it, but since it works in a standard environment then I didn't see the point. But that's where I'm at. Regardless of what I do, the form hangs or I get a 429 error. Basically if someone could help me to get the ActiveX EXE running from the Standard app in a WinPE environment so the form doesn't hang and I can see the output then I'd be happy. Cheers people.
  11. Hi, Having a few odd problems dual booting XP. We have a pre built XP image that we distribute to our PCs which is working correctly but I'm having issues getting it to dual boot. If I setup the 40gb disk with a 30gb/8gb (give or take because of the MBR + PT) the main image doesn't work.. it doesn't even get to the XP splash screen. The image seems to take up about 25gb of the 30gb partition, maybe a little more. Does XP have some sort of threshold re space on the disk which may stop it working? Like I said, putting the image onto the full 38gb partition seems to work. Any ideas? Neil.
  12. It's ok! Part of the script was setting network information up and it seemed to lag. I paused the script for 20 seconds using SLEEP and it seemed to work.
  13. Hi, If this isn't the right place, then please can someone direct me to the right area to post in. Ok.. Initially, I set up an autoit script to do a few things, one of which was to map a drive. My first problem I came up against was the fact that the map command in autoit didn't work in WinPE (vistape). So I set about using the NET USE command within the script, which also failed! I begun to wonder if it was something to do with the autoit script still, so I've set up a batch file that calls the autoit script to do its bits, but then exits back to the batch file to perform the NET USE command. Unfortunately the NET USE command fails here too! What is more annoying is that with both methods, as soon as I quit the script or the batch file and issue the NET USE command from the command line myself, it works! Is there something in VistaPE that is stopping this command from running at a system level, only allowing it to be issued manually by the user? Any help would be appreciated. Neil.
  14. Hi, We upgraded to IE7 here recently and have been having a few teething troubles with it and some of our systems. One bit of weirdness in particular is with print preview. Upon viewing an Intranet page that would consist of more than one page - the print preview pane appears but remains blank whilst the page count keeps going up. I've not seen in on an external site yet but I am scanning about. Our Intranet pages are built with Contensis and run from within Oracle Colaboration Suite (from what I understand... different team!) Now I appreciate that this problem may be solely a problem with how this system delivers the webpages, but I'm simply wondering if anyone has encountered this before. Old faithful's IE6 and Firefox work fine - which indicates an incompatibility with IE7 but again, whether it's something to do with the language used in Contensis is unknown. I'm hoping that if this is an IE7 problem, that there might be a GPO that I can use to sort it! Thanks for any input you can give. Neil.
  15. No. Thanks! Exactly what I thought!

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