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  1. Hi Tihiy, I did exactly as you said: IT WORKED! I maybe slightly misunderstood what you said maybe, and used your version of PSAPI.DLL in place of the one in kernelEx and well as in the SecondLife folder? Anyway, it all worked just fine -thank you very much!
  2. Hi all, Does anyone use a wireess router with win98se? If so, what's the best router/dongle combo still available for win98? wireless B and wireless G (802.11) ('best' as in decent, reliable, dongle driver for win98)
  3. oh well, just part of life's diversity I guess. -personally, I use it to run 'legacy' online games on old discarded PCs (some games don't run with Vista, or have trouble with the latest graphics cards). There seem to be others like me.
  4. I was wondering about cloning drives. So I got an old 3gb HDD with win ME on it, and set about cloning it to a 10GB HDD. I made a dos startup disk, and put fdisk onto it. I cleared the destination HDD with fdisk, and set up a new primary dos partion in fat32 format. I put the destination HDD into the win ME system as a slave drive, setting the jumpers appropriately. Then I installed a programme called 'Seagate DiskWizard for Windows v4.09' onto the source HDD, started the programme, under the 'maintenance' tab selected 'copy files' and did a 'drive to drive copy'. -there were about 12 files named as being un-copyable using the prog, so I searched for them on the source HDD, wrote the directory names down, and manually copied them to the corresponding directories on the slave HDD. Then I took the source HDD out, set up the destination HDD as the new master (setting the jumpers up appropriately).... and sat back as the thing booted up, -and was amazed when it just worked perfectly.
  5. so which operating system are you running?
  6. ok, so I learned a little more about this....... -clear the 'clipboard' after copying something big, as win98 holds the clipboard contents in memory- can do this by just copying something small, e.g. a single letter. http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/lofive...php/t29312.html TakuSkan wrote: "people change the role of their Win98 systems from Desktop to Server however ........ The Server role caches more information about files and directories in memory, so Win98 doesn't need to search the disk. It can generally improve performance as long as there's enough memory to begin with. How to change the typical role: 1. Click Start->Settings->Control Panel->System. 2. Click the Performance tab, then the File System button. 3. Under the Hard Disk tab, select Desktop. 4. Click OK to apply the changes. 5. Restart the computer. " http://support.microsoft.com/kb/835645 "Increasing the cache size makes your storage devices faster, while decreasing it gives you more memory for running apps." "defragment free memory so Windows doesn’t spend time and effort keeping track of several smaller chunks of memory. With Windows 98 you can do this yourself by choosing Start, Shut Down and then cancelling the shut down process." http://apptools.com/rants/resources.php Gary White says of win98: "many applications install small programs that are started when the system starts. Each of these use resources. As you run various applications, each application further depletes these system resources. Theoretically, when an application terminates, the resources it used should be returned to the operating system to use for other applications. In the real world, this doesn't always happen. In some cases, it is normal. Some shared resources are not loaded until an application requests them. Those are not normally released when the application terminates." "The Windows NT memory model is the answer. Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP share a vastly different memory model. Under this NT based memory management system, resources are not limited. As long as you have enough physical memory (RAM) or virtual memory (disk space) your applications will not run out of resources. The Windows NT memory system allocates resources dynamically. As long as the memory is available, your application can have it. Even better, each application gets its own virtual copy of the operating system. That means that, applications are isolated and, if an error occurs, system memory is not corrupted. When an application terminates, all the memory allocated to it is released back to the operating system. " FAT32 HDD: based on 32 bits, which can only be arranged in 67,108,864 ways, so any HDD partition can only be divided into 67,108,864 clusters maximum, with a cluster size limit of 32,768bytes, multiply the two and you get a max possible HDD partition size of 2 terrabytes. (from 'the unauthorised guide to ms win98se') also gives HDD/cluster sizes: 8-16GB - 8192bytes 16-32gb - 16,382bytes over 32gb - 32,768bytes (divided by 1024 = 32kb)
  7. win2K is problematic with some old games. Even with the 'application compatability toolkit' ACT30.pkg (if you can actually find a copy). in my experience XP is better for older games, and a more up-to-date ACT is available for it. -problematic games, e.g European Air War, problems getting win2K to detect USB joystick, and I never could get the online multiplayer part of the game to work in win2K, whatever I did.....nor can anyone else, for that matter. But works a treat in XP.
  8. Here it is: http://win2kgaming.site90.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7 I've not yet tried it myself, but 'oldcigarette' says of this fix: "This is a collection of my various API fixes for compatibility with XP games. Unlike most other API fixes these are not EXE hacks! These are DLL wrappers which means only the portions of code that are XP specific are changed, your windows 2000 code is left intact! These strive for a high level of compatibility so that they can be used for ANY game. Also my kernel32 wrapper has additional features such as GetVersion faking and other options that may be useful. Below is the latest readme, if your game is missing one of the API calls listed it is likely this pack will fix it!" P.S. I'd also like to say a big THANK YOU to 'win2000' for his fix...not tried it yet, but I will....
  9. Hi all, i'm having trouble understanding win98 memory settings/use I've read that win98 gets no benefit from more than around 192mb RAM, so users can limit it to that in 'virtual memory' (I have 512mb RAM total). If I did that, would it mean that the total RAM available to both win98 and programmes running within win98 was 192mb? Or would win98 only be allocated 192mb, while the programmes running within win98 can freely use the remaining 320mb of RAM? I have 512mb RAM, do the settings below look like they will give me the best performance while eating as little of my meagre RAM as possible? -my computer-right click-properties-perfomance-'virtual memory': user-defined: at at least 2.5 times the amount of RAM, e.g. 1536, same for both min and max values so win98 doesn't spend precious processing effort on constantly resizing it. and under the 'file system' tab- set it to 'desktop computer' (not networks server, which really slows everything down). -And I've limited how much win98 can use for file buffer space: (system.ini - the '386Enh' & 'vcache' sections - values are in Kb): [386Enh] ConservativeSwapfileUsage=1 [vcache] MinFileCache=65536 MaxFileCache=65536 ChunkSize=512 (someone tested lots of different settings and found 512 gave the best perfomance) NameCache=2048 DirectoryCache=48
  10. win98se with 'Autopatcher' installed and run, broadband, cable modem, USB 2.0 connection. http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest/ BEFORE using the http://www.speedguide.net/downloads.php Last Result: Download Speed: 2067 kbps (258.4 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 241 kbps (30.1 KB/sec transfer rate) AFTER using it: Last Result: Download Speed: 2013 kbps (251.6 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 241 kbps (30.1 KB/sec transfer rate) -a little worse, but then I tested again a couple of minutes later: Last Result: Download Speed: 2114 kbps (264.3 KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 239 kbps (29.9 KB/sec transfer rate) So it made no real difference for me.
  11. Netveda Safety.net 3.8 (free version for home use) http://www.netveda.com/downloads/index.htm for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 and XP, and with any compliant Proxy Server or Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway from any provider. Minimum 64mb ram, but recommended 256mb for 'home office environments' -It works well on my system, (1ghz pentum 3, 512 mb ram, 98se updated with 'autopatcher') I run it in 'stealth mode' and it seems to block the nasties very well. You teach it what programs are allowed to access the net, the firewall asks you if you want to grant them access.
  12. cheers, that was my next question. I will try it sometime in the coming week, I wanted to try KernelEx anyway. BTW, as an average user I am really grateful for all of these win98 enhancements.................but, you know, I always want more....just a character flaw of mine........lol.
  13. win98se updated with the 'Win98 Autopatcher', 512mb ram, 1ghz pentium3 with huge heatsink & fan, broadband and cable modem. Shutdown after a couple of hours surfing (hotmail, youtube, chatzy, outlook webmail), installing two programmes, writing docs, playing online games: 9 seconds, sometimes 20 seconds. Startup running 'AVGfree edition' bootup virus check and 'win98 disk cleanup', 'spybot search and destroy', 'Netveda free firewall': 3 minutes 15 secs [ouch!]
  14. well, I found some time to download the installer, and try. It installed, but gave me a warning message about possible system crashes and data loss. So tried to I run SL anyway........and instantly got a message: 'A requested DLL file, PSAPI.DLL was not found'. And when I clicked 'OK' to acknowledge the message, I was back at the desktop again. I'm running win98se that has been updated with the 'win98 Autopatcher' [fantastic, well worth doing] Oh, and you need to know that I'm not a programmer, I'm just an average win98 user who can run nicely packaged installers and make straightforward configuration changes, and write simple HTML [LOL].
  15. Has anyone tried & succeeded getting SecondLife to run under Win98? http://secondlife.com/support/sysreqs.php official sys req: win2000, winXP, Vista.

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