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  1. @gNarly What you want is infeasible. When a Program is Multilangual, is the Program dependent from the OS Language in most cases. In other cases from the Program in self (most English).
  2. jojo2005

    WPI v8 Bug thread

    Any Program like 7zip 64bit its a msi MS Visual C++ Runtimes Only msi files...
  3. jojo2005

    WPI v8 Bug thread

    I found a bug... when i select a .msi Installation Package in the Configuration Tab under Commands and select the USSF a error comes up and said "USSF Error, Damaged Windows Installation File. It is strongly recommended to scan your files with a virus scanner" Whats happend, i have no virus. And with USSF Standalone, no problems. thanks jojo2005
  4. jojo2005

    Update List XML Tool™ w/ Source

    @ MrJinje No Reply ? What will we do with this kind of piece of Software? The x64 and R2 Links are not insert in the XML cliboard copy. No function, crap.
  5. jojo2005

    Update List XML Tool™ w/ Source

    @ MrJinje won`t work under win7x64. No Download Link under win7x64. And what confused categorys, for what is the Number between Descryption and Category. The Category Number ? please explain... Can you better sort the Categorys to OS Systems like Update URL x86 | Category Number | Category | Update URL x64 | Category Number | Category | Update URL R2 | Category Number | Category | The Category Number 1-10 and free Category (free for typing self made categorys). by the side...I will make a Update List for German Updates...
  6. jojo2005


    @Mhz Cmenu won`t work under Windows 7 x64, no contextmenu... Any Ideas what happend ? The Context Menu Helper ist registerd and the Registry Settings are written. Whats going wrong ? It`s a good piece of Software, don`t let it die... Thank you jojo2005
  7. jojo2005

    Add-On Maker for Nlite 1.2.4 Update: 06/17/2006

    @all There are no Virus. Please use a better Anti Virus Program with a better Scanengine, like Avast Home Edition, it`s Free for Homeuser. I believe, the Programer of this Tool will not sent you a virus. cya jojo2005
  8. jojo2005

    Help| WPI & DriverPacks Conflict

    hi everybody, please use the 1. Method of Driverpacks not the 2. Methode. or you use RunOnceEx with a Start ID, so that start Windows Post Install Wizard (WPI) after Driverpacks... look at this Tutorial at the DriverPacks.net Forum http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=1449 cya jojo2005
  9. @BrandonS_Mil, where did you take your winnt.sif file ? Boot Directory ? or Setup Directory ? It must be placed in the Boot Directory, then should be work. greetz jojo2005
  10. jojo2005

    MKISOFS syntax needed

    @rageaddict Did you now this Burning Soltution, it works... cya jojo2005
  11. jojo2005

    ISO within ISO ? possible ?

    @all BCDW you get it here and BCDW FAQ here Is the easiest way to make Multiboot CD/DVD bootable... cya jojo2005