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  1. I have two network adapters on my machines. Is there a way for me to name LAN1 one name and LAN2 another? Each with their own IP settings?
  2. I guess I'm making a Business release. Many apologies. I guess I'll read the license agreement and make a purchase if necessary.
  3. Hi mritter, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I don't know if that would help because I wouldn't know which language they need at the time I start up WPI. Unless you're saying that this would be a command *within* WPI that changes the language on the fly... that would be awesome. Brian
  4. This is a two-part post consisting of a feature request and a questions to serve as a workaround: My scenario and questions: I want to give my end users the ability to select only one option of my Category. I realize that you can do this in the Excludes section but it doesn't really make sense to have check boxes as a visual notification of the selection at that point. So my question is: can I display a radio button instead of the check box? It also doesn't make any sense for there to be a "select all" check box for the Category at that point. So I'm wondering if I can remove the check box for a Category all together. On to a feature request: It would be nice if there was a way to convert a Category to be "Radio" or "Check Box" wherein if it was "Radio", only one item could be selected within the Category and the "select all" check box for the Category would not be present. The "Check Box" version would act like it currently does. Brian
  5. Right, I understand that but the users may want to install a different language other than what the OS language is set to.
  6. Hi all, Fantastic product you have here! Is there any way to change the language without going to the Options menu? I fear that if someone doesn't understand the default language, they won't figure out how to change the language. Ideally, I'd like the same drop-down menu that's in the Options section available somewhere near the default selection. Also, is there a way to set the dependencies based off of the currently selected language setting? I like the users to be able to select the language, then have the installations reflect which language to install based off that selection. So if there are App1, App2, App3 each having a separate install for English, French, and German; is there a way for users to select English, then to have only the English versions of the Apps be selectable? Thanks!

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