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  1. Ok first off I did quit a bit of searching through this forum and found a lot about visual effects. NONE of which worked LOL. So I took it myself to find out why and make it work cause I wanted to be able to set those during setup also. Turns out that everyone was trying to change reg keys in HKLM and HKCU. Turns out its not in any of those and it is spead around in about 5 different places ALL under HKU!! Hah! what a pain in the butt! problem is the main key that it is under is different for every computer. So simply putting a reg file up wont work. I then decide to write a program that would find the correct key and set the settings for you. You can even choose what setting you want and run the program with the /silent switch or just run it normaly and then reboot. I have tested it and it works. So for once and for all the visual effects probelm is now fixed. msg me if any bugs are found. setting at over 550 lines of code. mainly reg crap. Any ways enjoy!! Sorry for not more details, but after testing this took me over 8 hours to find the right keys and make the program. BUT!!! I for one dont like to use programs I dont have code to, so if you have any questions about the program and how it works just leave a post and I will answer :-) Edit: Current program version is 1.0.3 The program supports /silent command and can be ran at any time. But of course when using this in a automated setup of xp you would like to have the visual effects set for all user accounts that are created. Heres how to do that with this program. Now put the settings.ini and SetVisualEffects.exe in the folder $OEM$\$$\System32 on your setup cd. This will copy the files to the system32 dir of windows (which is where we want them to be and stay) now in the folder $OEM$ you may or should have the cmdlines.txt file. You will need to put setstartup.reg in the $OEM$ folder with cmdlines.txt. Now edit cmdlines.txt and add this to the second line (or any where as long as it is done before any accounts are created) "REGEDIT /S setstartup.reg" (make sure to have the " to. Now you are all set. Everytime you create a new account the program will run only once and set the visual effects. Thanks to andrewpayne Here are a little better to understand the instructions VisualEffectsChangerXP.zip
  2. Ok I am about an hour away form having the app done. and it totaly works they way you want. I will make a new thread and also post here shortly. The app will be ready for you.
  3. Basicly when SAV is installed you can no longer resize the pagefile on C:\. Now if you have another drive to pagefile on or you have over a gig of ram then this wont be problem for you since you dont need to mess with the pagefile. (if you lots of ram the page file is barley touched) But on systems with low ram the pagefile is used alot and the bigger you make it (to a point) the better. But if you cant rezie it or put it on a different drived your screwed. To some this isnt no big deal, to admins and techs like me performance means everything and the pagefile plays a role in it. So you mess with my performance then it is a problem :-D
  4. OK I tested SAV,,, and finally I have the page file problem on EVERY single one. and of course for each one once you uninstall and reboot the problem is fixed. Anyone know how to get ahold of symantec to bring this to there attention.
  5. I really dont know, but I know the more XP has to do the slower it goes. I make a custom setup cd that ONLY ask for a KEY to be put in that I install on my customers computers that I need to do a reinstall. I want it to be mean and lean. I have also written some other programs and scripts to speed things along. Not to mention I have installed XP so many times before my CD also that I was getting sick of it and sometime forgetting to put my settings in. As it is now I can make XP run 40% faster on the same computer than a stock install of XP and over 60% than a OEM install from like dell or HP. I use to have to do it by hand, now its all automatic! god I love being a programmer and this forum! LOL
  6. Setting the page file is not the problem here. I already found out what it is and have confirmed it to be a problem with SAV 9 I have posted the problem in the SAV 9 thread under application switches and so far quite a few people who have sav and WIndows XP SP2 have the same problem. Uninstall SAV and the problem is fixed.
  7. Yes I have, but I will need to write a program to do it for you. I found where it is located in the reg, and guess what it is spread around all over the place. Also certain main keys are different per machine. So I will wright a app that can be ran from a batch file and set these keys for based on the command you give it, afterwards do a reboot and all will be set. I will try to have it this weekend for you. maybe sooner. I will create a new thread and put a post here. Also you may ask why I am making this program? Cause I want the same thing you do! all diabled but the 2 :-) it really helps performance. Once I make the app and test the living crap out of it on vmware I will post it for you! Take care.
  8. Well for now I would LIKE to stay with SAV 9.0, I also have 8 but havent used it in some time. I have done the following test on SAV 9 to try and fix the problem with no luck. I first completely disabled SAV, disabled all the services and startup items. No luck with the page file. I then did a scan for any file with the word pagefile in it. Lots of files there but no leads. I was looking through the files of the SAV setup. of course a ton of Dlls. I am going to start the long task of deleteing each dll 1 by 1 from the system and see if they are causeing the problem. Right now from what I can tell is the SAV install is doing something since SAV is completely disabled and the I still have the pagefile error. God I love a Challenge! LOL
  9. NOD32? I will google it and give it a try.
  10. Ok I am determaned to fix this. Heres what I have found out so far. On my system I have 3 drives. I can control and set a page file on any drive without a problem except for the C:\ drive. My pagefile is on E and no problem. But if I try to do anything with C forget it. So it appers to only affect C:\
  11. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! I have to find out How SAV is messing up the page file. Not a single thing on there support site. It has to be something. I wonder if it is a bug with auto protect?
  12. Well since I doubt there is a fix for this I am in a need to replace my antivirus. I want one that works good, so far I have heard good things about AVG. I would love some recommendations on other antiviruses to use. Symantec had my support for years now and I to always recommened them to my customers. But now I have been a programmer for 7 years and a Network admin for 9 and a pc repair tech for 10 (I am 25, been doing this for 10 years) I have picked up a thing or 2, and symantec is slipping thats all there is to it. I have never used another antivirus so I am rookie when it comes to others, All I know is I hate macfee so much that I wouldnt let my customers install it.
  13. Ok guys I have a rather BIG problem here with SAV. I have used my custom XP cd on about 20 test computers now. On EVERY single one of them the page file is messed up. you can set the size but it always resets after reboot. So I needed to find out what was doing it. I started the install step by step, once I got to the SAV install and after it was finished the page file would reset ofter reboot. I then would uninstall SAV and the page file worked again. I had to make sure it wasnt something else and EVERY time it has been when SAV is installed. Below is a pick of the page file. As you see I have it set to 1024x1024 but the actual size isnt that! but if I uninstall SAV it will be. I have googled this and found other people who have this pagefile problem but no one says if they have SAV or not. My current build of SAV is This is the command line that is used to install it at first login start /wait %systemdrive%\customxpsetupinstall\setup.msi /qb REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 I cant find any info on nortons website on the pagefile. Since so many here have SAV would you be as so kind as to see how your pagefile is doing and report back? Maybe I can get this fixed!
  14. It is for sure SAV. I will end this thread and post my findings in the SAV thread and see if anyone can help. Thanks guys.
  15. Well I had to be sure if it was SAV 9.0.1400 or not. So I simply uninstalled it and no more pagefile problem. But the only thing thats is differetn is the stupid secrity center. I need to be 100% sure that isnt what is doing it. so I am going to disable the security center and then install SAV 9 and see what happens from there.
  16. I'll be darned!! I found the problem and to be honest I am a little surprised. Turns out to be SAV 9.0 Corp build 1400. I went through the setup set by step testing the page file after each turn. right after I installed SAV with this command line the pagefile started the problem again. start /wait %systemdrive%\customxpsetupinstall\setup.msi /qb REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS RUNLIVEUPDATE=0 I will do some research on this on nortons website and see what I can find.
  17. I dot eh same thing! Thats just it, it use to never fail and hasnt for anyone else. So something is wrong either in my tweaks or something nlite maybe did. I saw a batch file run slowly on a slow test machine. something about the page file. but when I check the nlite comd file in the i386 there is nothing in there. In other words I have a bug and need to fix it. I suppose my only other option would be to recreate the cd from scratch, but first I will try the install without ANY tweaks. this will tell me if it is the install or the tweaks. One quick note is it better to slipstream SP2 from a Org. Windows XP or is it ok with my XP with SP1 already on it from MS?
  18. see the thing is it doesnt matter if I try to autoset the page file or not. after windows is installed it can be changed but it is reset after a reboot. So I need to find out what is doing that. I have no problem setting it in my tweaks. I just cant find out why it isnt sticking.
  19. So apply the pagefile tweak be for all other tweaks? Hmhm good idea. Problem is my tweaks are done before first login. I may have to change my tweaks to be installed after login. That might make all the differance since I cant find anywhere on the net of people with the same issuse, has to be one of my tweaks.
  20. So has anybody ran into this problem or know how to fix it? Only thing I can do is try each reg tweak one at a time with a test install to see if any are causing the problem.
  21. Wow thanks, forgot about the serial numbers, I took those out. I already know that my Connectix Virtual PC wont adjust the page file. So out of oh lets say 20 real installs this has been a problem on EVERY single one.
  22. I have a problem. After I install my custom install of XP with SP2 slipstreamed. I run a script to set the page file. It sets, but after reboot goes back to the default. If I view the pagefile setting my self it still shows that it is a custom size set to my 1024. yet the actaul size isnt no where near it! And no matter how many times after that I try to set it manauly the pagefile will grow to what I tell it, I check the size on my c drive. but after a reboot it goes back down!. Now this is very strange. I must have done a bad tweak or something. Listed below is every tweak and install I do. If anyone can see a problem please let me know. <snip> *attached Please help if you can. Thanks! attach.txt
  23. yeah it does, but supper slow, I am downloading right now at only 1.40 kb/s and that took 10 mins to get to that speed. if the download finishes I will have it to give to you for the sound pack.

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