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  1. Ok here is what I posted to them, lets hope it does some good.
  2. I just dont know what to say. If symantec (it wasnt me on the msg board) cant cleary read then they are of course out sourcing to someone who cant read english right or used a translater, cause how the hell can you get the number 8 and 9 mixed up! Can you point me to this fourm where this was posted? I will post so much of my findings on this they will cry LOL
  3. RogueSpear Can you help me locate the update for 9.02 I would love to test it and see if the pagefile is fixed.
  4. Try this, its a program I made and I hope it helps. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=29088
  5. If you like I have made a program that changes computer names at first login totaly random from a list of 1000. so chances are very slim that you will get 2 machines with the same name. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=29088 Hope this helps, its what I use.
  6. well the reason why you cant use that option so easily is the settings get over written by windows. I tried many times with a test machine, timeing was everything to have the settings set since windows overwrites them with the first logon, like I said microsoft didnt make it easy to change these automaticly. If you read some of the posts from the first few pages you will see the whole thing I went through with that.
  7. yeapers! see the other keys put the reg vaule into a sort of defult zone for new accounts, HKLM does not since it is machine based and not user. so there you go.
  8. well if you dont want it for every account do this. First change the reg file to put the runonce under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE instead, this will do it once for the current machine with who ever logs in first, of course since it is a automated setup it will do it at first logon. Now since it isnt in the part of the registry to be copied over to new accounts it is safe to delete. you just need it to run once to do its work.
  9. a06lp Yes you are totally right. Basicly the program just needs to made sure and stay on the system, dont delete it, as long as that is ok then you can put it anywhere you want and change the reg file just like you did to point to it. Basicly what the reg file does it puts the runonce command in the reg where everytime a new account is created that will be put in the new account to run once. Thus making sure you never have to worry about the effects again. So you can put the program anywhere you want just make sure the reg file points to it.
  10. When you right click on "My Computer" and go to properties, then click on the advanced tab, then click on the first button you will see some visual effect settings for windows. A lot of these are unnessicary and put a drag on performance, even worse on slower machines. Well a lot of us have to have our XP at top performance so we want to turn alot of these off as they are no really needed and make no real visual change being on, so why use up the resources? Well many have tried to have these be set during the XP setup with no luck. If you have ever messed with themes and the uxtheme.dll in XP then you know for some strange reason microsoft doesnt like people playing with the visual setings. Well through my research I found the part of the regisrty the visual effects are set at. Big problem was is the main key it was under is different for every computer and user account, so a simply reg fix wont work. What the app does is finds that stupid key for you and sets the settings. Yet another road block by microsoft overcome hehe.
  11. hhmm the update isnt on nortons ftp or website. How did you hear about the update and where can I get it to test it?
  12. cause if you look in the forum TONS of people have tried those including me and they did not work. If they are working for you great. But many have tried them and they dont. So instead of "hoping" they will work I made a program that makes sure it does.
  13. You dont need to hit apply in the program for the setting to be saved, every time you click with your mouse on just 1 check box all are saved. Hitting apply chnages your current system, hehe which isnt bad either. I will post your step by step on the first post as it makes it sound much more easier than mine. I cant help it Im a programmer and thats how I type LOL.
  14. Anyways this sucks anyway you look at it. You can easily set small icons for the standard startmenu but not so easily for classic. My trick works, but only sometimes so that isnt good enough. I to have scanned the reg for changes 6 times using different methods and I can never find a thing about the classic small icons. So most likely the BEST solution would be for me and you to google some research and try to find a script or a API call and I can write an app to simply do it.
  15. No they dont the key that it is under that change are under HKU not HKCU and since the key under HKU that the settings are under are different for every user account then simply using a reg file to import it wont do. I have already been exsperimenting with this and I have gottin it to work. But it is picky
  16. Ok I see the problem your having, but after some research I may have found a solution. Problem is, is that I will need to write a program for you to do it. For starters I found the reg key that changes the icons to big or small for the standard startmenu but not for classic. Bad thing is it is in a part of the regisrty that is different for every user account (same problem I had with visual effects, but I wrote a app to take care of that in this forum) Now what I did see is once the small icons where set to small and I changed to classic start menu the setting transfered over. So in thery I can write a app that sets the start menu to normal, changes it to small icons, then sets it to classic since the settings transfer over. What do you think?
  17. OK I will also do a reg compare on my system. I will responde back in about 10 min.
  18. Normal. Turn off the switchs to view these things, it actualy can slow down the image making process.
  19. For me on my cd I have it make a user account called user (I like it simple) Then right after it creates the account from the cmdlines.txt I have inport the regkey to autologon. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="User" "DefaultPassword"="" "AutoAdminLogon"="1" And tus after setup it goes right in to the account I created. I dont use tweakui at all.
  20. @andrewpayne Thank you for telling him that, I forgot to add the system32 part to the readme in the zip and on the first post (it was late last night) I have fixed both the zip and first post to say with the system32 dir. Also if people can please post and let me know that the program worked for them would be great.
  21. even the value of "TaskbarWinXP" cause that is a huge vaule key. So many things in it are affected. Just try this for a test and see. sethe the menu and taskbar the way you want it then export the vaule of the "TaskbarWinXP". Then on your other computer import that key and reboot. Cant hurt to see if it works. I dont know if it will work I just know at least 10 different things are pulled from that key most likly a lot more.
  22. Well first off just in case you dont know you can have it set to the classic style through the winnt.sif [shell] DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes Specifies whether to use the classic Windows Start menu instead of the Windows XP Start menu, and displays icons for My Computer and My Documents on the Windows desktop. Now one thing I do know is the startmenu and the taskbar shar alot of the settings under one reg key. Thats how I get the quick launch bar to show. Your answer may lie there. exsperiment with it with this reg key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Streams\Desktop] "TaskbarWinXP"

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