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  1. is there any sucessor or something similiar to vLite? I don't mean directly the unattended-part, more the removing components-part. We definitively need something that fits Windows Seven and since vLite seems to be dead, i think someone has to continue. Of course, vLite still works in some cases, but it needs annotations to let it fit Windows Seven. So, is there anything on the horizon?
  2. My XP is 120 MB, could be smaller without wifi support
  3. Smallest preset i could come up with. tested on x86 and x64. Every - not removed - feature works (for me) [Components] ;# Services # Error Reporting ; Fehlerberichterstattung IPsec Policy Agent ; IPsec-Richtlinien-Agent Offline Files ; Offlinedateien Remote Registry ; Remote-Registrierung Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) ; Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) WebDAV (WebClient) ; WebDAV (WebClient) Windows Search ; Windows Suche Windows Time ; Windows Zeit ;# Hardware Support # Floppy Disk Support ; Diskettenlaufwerkunterstützung Printer Support ; Druckerunterstützung Dynamic Volume Manager ; Dynamis
  4. Try not to remove anything, just mae the iso with vLite and see if the problem is still there.
  5. I kept close to the list, but somehow it doesnt work, the installation aborts at the end. Used latest VirtualBox for testing. Untouched 7 works. My ls.ini: ; vLite preset file ; ;#Environment: ; vLite v1.2 ; Framework 2.0.50727.4016 ; Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 32-bit ; ;#Target: ; Windows 7 ULTIMATE 32-bit ; Version 6.1 German (Germany) ; [Compatibility] [CustomHide] [Components] ;# Services # Error Reporting ; Fehlerberichterstattung IPsec Policy Agent ; IPsec-Richtlinien-Agent Offline Files ; Offlinedateien Remote Registry ; Remote-Registrierung Quality Windows Audio V
  6. If he uses it for WoW ONLY, it should work that way, even with Mic and W-LAN. And for exactly that purpose, it works.
  7. If this should be really only for WoW, i think it might be easier to say, what to keep. remove everything not mentioned: -Drivers(at this point, I would suggest to manually integrate the spüecific drivers, rather than keeping the generic-ones from MS): Ethernet (LAN), SCSI/RAID, Wireless Ethernet (for all of these are "specific" drivers available, so you might be able to remove them as well) -Hardware Support: Battery, CPU AMD/Intel(depends on your hardware), Logical Disk Manager, Multi-Processor Support(if you have one), Smart Cards (if you have any) -Multimedia: DirectX, OpenGL Support, Spee
  8. Hey guys, today i tried the windows 7 beta build 7000 with vLite. I had to disable unattended installation due to a CD-key issue, but after that it worked fine. Almost. After the installation I got an error about a missing "wer.dll" How could I solve this? here's my ls.ini ; ;#Environment: ; vLite v1.2 ; Framework 2.0.50727.3068 ; ;#Target: ; Windows 7 ULTIMATE 32-bit ; Version 6.1 German (Germany) ; [Components] ;# Services # ActiveX Installer Service ; ActiveX-Installerdienst Task Scheduler ; Aufgabenplanung Computer Browser ; Computer Browser Distributed Link Tracking Client ; Distributed
  9. Yes, for sure.But how do I figure out, what I need and what I don't? Should I just rename every dl_ to dll and look up what it might be used to, guessing out of the little bits of information that are given by the file? And then justtrial and error? Or is there something "easier"?
  10. I stripped every driver to the minimum, but thanks for the suggestion. I menat more, what am I able to delete from the plain, nLited XP Image. There have to be files wich are only nessesary for special needs, or Images, or never used dlls. Such things are what I am looking for.
  11. If I create a CD without adding anything, only removing and tweaking things, its about 120MB with around 1800 files. I might be able to slim it down even more, but for this I have to fix some things I didn't get around with atm. But how should I figure out what to delete and what not? After installing I remove a lot of stuff, but thats mainly from installed Software, ect. From where the heck should I know what ddl-asfdasd is about? So I ask you to help me and give me kinda advice to figure that out.
  12. Simple Question. After doing every for your PC useable Tweak and Removement, what else do you remove from your XP ISO before you burn it? Are there some things "everybody can do", do you have some special suggestions what to delete? I can't believe that XP can't be slimmed down further after nLite-ing it. So I ask you, what else to do?
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