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  1. First off, sorry if someone thinks I'm trying to "hijack" this topic. Second, I would like (more or less) the same as snakejv, only with this difference: The ONLY thing I want winnt.sif to do is "DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore" thanks do this: http://www.msfn.org/board/battery-hardware...up-t112054.html Everytime I try to modify the winnt.sif, the text part of the setup skips to the partition selection. Even when I add OemSkipEula=No, still skips ahead.... I thought this would work: ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=GuiAt
  2. See my edit in previous post. I didn't add any drivers. Only post sp2 updatepack, IE8 and WMP11 with Boooggy's slipstreamer for wmp. now you must discover from where are those unsigned drivers, I doubt they're in 5eraphs update pack because I don't get those errors Yeah I know, but I had the option ignore for that (don't know why) in the winnt.sif. With that other line beneath it, see edit previous post, apparantly didn't work anymore?! edit: installation succesfull, without those alerts. Now running sigverif. Edit2: no unsigned files....
  3. Okay. Anyway, installation works now , but had to click yes twice for those security alerts, what to do about that? edit: removed NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore, now it continues. After installing, hope it goes okay again, see if sigverif can find the troublemakers.
  4. Trying with that modification now. But how come it worked when I downloaded and integrated all hotfixes separatly? Problem started when I switched to post sp2 updatepack... "Your installation won't stop if you have all answers, no matter if you using FullUnattended or DefaultHide" What do you mean with it won't stop? Stop on error you mean? edit: getting an error (security alert) at T-29: driversoftware not properly signed with authenticode technology. installed inf does not contain digitail signature information. do you wan't to install the driver: yes/no/more info(which doesn't work, nothin
  5. Sorry for the kick, but I seem to have a similar problem. Couple of days a go started to update my XP x64 disc. Usually downloaded all hotfixes sepperatly and used nLite to integrate them. This time I ran into a recent update pack from 5eraph at the RyanVM forum. The winnt.sif I already had, that worked (till now), corrupted the installation when I used that updatepack (both on clean as partially updated disc). Errors are similar as mentioned in the 1st post here. Errors: http://www.ravenslair.nl/files/setup_error_log.txt clean SP2 install: http://www.ravenslair.nl/plaatjes/xp_x64_sp2_clean.jp
  6. Hi I've got a question, how do I place text (with ECHO) in a batchfile on the end of the previous line of text? The batchfile in question does this: ECHO text... start /wait setup.exe ECHO Done! What I would like, is that "Done!" appears next to "text... " after the installer has completed, instead of beneath it on the next line. After letting Google do it's thing, I ran into this: http://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/O...aul-Tomasi.html , but I have no idea how to implement that into my batchfile... Anyone would like to point me in the right direction? With regards, Bart Grefte
  7. Ohw, okay. Btw, the addon didn't work, getting framedyn.dll errors now, that file is not found. I've had that before with this particular activex addon (but different version), don't remember how it was solved... edit: not exactly integrated, but letting the batchfile (that runs during first boot) do this works : FOR %%i IN (D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z) DO IF EXIST %%i:\DVD.txt SET CDROM=%%i: ECHO Installing Microsoft Catalog ActiveX plugin... copy %cdrom%\Install\Resterende_updates\MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.inf "%WinDir%\Downloaded Program Files\" copy %cdrom%\Insta
  8. Uhm, NOD32 AV gives a virus alert when opening that link False positive? Did find another way that seems to work: explorer -> new -> rar archive -> name.cab (instead of name.rar) -> add files with winrar.
  9. Thanks! How did you do that? Kinda got stuck on making a cab file. Did find makecab, to compress the files to dl_ and in_, but couldn't make a cab file with that.
  10. The older version addon is different, as for the files in the cab, see attachment. edit: after some more googling, the files in the addon cab are compressed, that's why the _ in the extension. Think I now know what to do. edit2: Hmm, can't seem to make a cab file with nLite's addon maker... MicrosoftUpdateCatalog_Addon.cab
  11. Hi Today I found out that there is a newer MS Catalog ActiveX plugin, version 7.4.7057.223. Now I would like to integrate that in my XP installation disc but nLite doesn't support the cab file... With the previous version, I ran into an addon that actually worked with nLite, but can't find it for the newer version. Anyone got an idea about how to integrate it with nLite? The cab is included with this post. With regards, Bart Grefte MuCatalogWebControl.cab
  12. 1. Okay, then I'll wont ask here anymore. 2. It does not, and yes I imported that file. 3. Which I did, but then I might have missed something. 4. Don't remember where I got it, but added it as an attachment to this post. 5. Then I'll try again, since there is a newer Catalog ActiveX that I want to integrate. Went from version 7.0.6000.569 to 7.4.7057.223, already got the cab with the inf and dll, also added to this post, if necessary. MicrosoftUpdateCatalog_Addon.cab MuCatalogWebControl.cab
  13. So there is no way to really integrate SP's/hotfixes in an office 2007 dvd? Installing all 807MB of updates (from updates folder) after the installing of office is taking waaaaaay to long for me.
  14. Hi I would like to integrate the ActiveX plugin for MS Catalog in my unattended Dutch XP Prof SP3 installation disc. Already got the MS Update plugin integrated with the help of nLite, don't remember from where I got the plugin btw, been a while since I integrated it... The MS Update plugin works, but I can't seem to succesfully integrate the MS Catalog plugin. Got 2 cabfiles with that plugin, MuCatalogWebControl.cab and MicrosoftUpdateCatalog_Addon.cab. Both same size (71kB), but the 1st one has the MicrosoftUpdateCatalogWebControl.dll in it + inf, the other entries_MicrosoftUpdateCatalog.in
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