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  1. Do you know any online site that sells only Install media? If I can get a Vista SP1, I can slipstream the SP2.
  2. Where do you get that from? Does MS give the ISO of SP2 integrated vista ?
  3. Vlite can't be used to slipstream Vista SP2. Now, those who have already slipstreamed vista SP1 and made changes using Vlite before installing can't update to SP2. They have to basically reformat and install vista SP1 without making any changes in order to update to SP2. I made a slipstream Vista SP1 with Vlite without any modifications. Then it burned to a disc and tried to slipstream SP2 but Vlite doesn't give the option to slipstream again using that as a base. So, basically we have to install vista SP1 without any modification and then update to SP2 like old way. Now, what I see is that the only use of Vlite is to slipstream the SP1. Anybody has any other idea?
  4. satyrias

    Vista SP2

    My question was pertaining to the slipstream process.
  5. It just confused the heck out of me now. Can't we slipstream Vista SP1 and SP2 using Vlite?
  6. satyrias

    Vista SP2

    My understanding is that Vista SP2 is not a cumulative pack as all other SPs from microsoft. So, we have to slipstream the SP1 and then slip stream SP2. Is any other way we can do it in one pass? Would the developer of this software reading this please give us some guidance?
  7. satyrias

    Attn: Nuhi,

    I have made the XP SP3 using the command line /integrate method. 1. I wonder can I use nLite to burn into a CD instead of using Nero ROM? 2. If I use nLite to make a CD, do I have to place the Microsoft Corporation.img file into the XPSP3 folder before burning it?
  8. satyrias

    Attn: Nuhi

    Thanks Nuhi. After slipstreaming more than one version and then we relaunch the Vlite we have to choose the version before going into the removal of components. So, which version do we have to choose at that point when there are more than one version has slipstreamed? I slipstreamed Ultimate and Home Premium versions and then installed it in a Virtual machine, it works no problem. But one made after the component removal didn't work. When removed components, I had to choose one version, that is where the problem. This part is not clear for me. Do I have to choose each version one after another again to remove the components?
  9. satyrias

    Attn: Nuhi

    I have slipstreamed Ultimate and Home version but have problem when I installed it. About 50% of the installation went through and aborted with an error code 800703E6. This is what I did. I launched Vlite and clicked browse to select the folder where the RTM is saved. It then recognized and displayed the details. Then I went into Task and selected slipstream that activated the Slipstream button. When clicked on it a menu popped up to choose the version to slip stream. I chose Ultimate and finished the whole process. Then I closed Vlite and launched again went through the same steps and chose Home edition and closed Vlite. Again launched Vlite to remove components. At this point which version I have to choose ? I want to remove only Printer drivers and languages. Anyway, I chose Ultimate, since without choosing one I can't go further. After removing the component, I chose "Rebuild all" and then burn it directly into a DVD. I booted it and went through "Copying Window files", then 47% of the "Expanding files" and then aborted with an error. Are these steps correct?
  10. satyrias

    OEM Vista Lite

    Ok, there are two things going on here. First of all: All the pre-installed PCs or notebooks comes with all the junk that we don't need. Most of us are not aware of this PC business. All these major companies, such as Sony, Toshiba, HP, Dell, etc., have back door business contract with all those junk software makers that we see in any ready made PCs. It is a million dollar business, if they agree to install their software in every PC that they sell. It is like targeted advertisements. So, forget about that **** recovery disk that has all those unwanted softwares. if you use it again after a clean install that will put it back. Second: Here everybody is talking about the components of Vista that don't want to be installed. Now, use only your original copy of the Vista OS, for this Vlite process. Then it is easy to go through the process that is described in this forum. You can take off any component that you don't want in the Vista OS. I personally took off only, all languages and all the printer drivers. It is not necessary. After I took off those two things I ended up with a DVD of 2.19 GB exact. It is running very good without any problem. I have to salute Mr. Dino Nuhagic for his time and hard work creating this wonderful program, one way to remove our headaches dealing with OS. One more thing, before you wipe out the hard drive it is better to get all the drivers for your particular model from the Toshiba web site. Some of the functionality pertaining to any notebook won't get back as their install. especially some of the keyboard fancy functions.. These manufactures don't like that we are wiping out their install, so they don't post all the drivers on their website. That has been my experience with Sony notebook, so I guess Toshiba too. It is all business.
  11. Ok Thanks. I wonder what will happen if I select to "rebuild all", since we have to select the version in the beginning? what I understand "rebuild all" means rebuilding all versions of the Vista. How is it possible after slipstreaming one version?
  12. satyrias

    OEM Vista Lite

    Is it a standalone vista OS in a separate DVD? or the image of the hard drive?
  13. I want to slipstream Vista SP1. I see there are options to select Rebuild all or Rebuild one when click the "Component". When we start, we have to choose which version to slipstream in the first place, then how can we rebuild all version after that process? I am just confused... Also after the slipstream, where do I go to remove components? I don't get the option to remove. Any help?

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