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  1. hey guys i was wanting to add a custom theme in my windows 7 (build 7600) the final/retail version... but i need the patched UXTheme DLL's to do so i want to do it manual, i know how to replace just need the files thanks
  2. ok last night i installed windows xp pro 32bit and when i went to shutdown, the "dialog" would not come up, so i try loging off and the that "dialog" would not show up also so the only way i could shutdown was thought "task manager" please help
  3. i would also like to know how to integration service pack 2 into vista using Vlite etc i know that SP1 has to be integration first THANKS
  4. thank you very, very much this place is the BEST
  5. i would love to know how how 2 edit the Boot.wim and install.wim files i have heard that it needs to be mounted or something but i am wanting a (detail) tut on how 2 open (mount) these files i will also need to know how to unmount it (if it a thing that i needs to do after i have edit the files i want) THANKS
  6. why do i get this error on first boot, then when i click OK it logoff how can i fix this Error
  7. how do i edit the windows xp logo onthe above screen
  8. i am wanting to know how to change/edit the text shown in the RED BOX above
  9. i am making my own edition of windows xp and when i go to test it popup the above error this was the windows xp pro cd i am using
  10. Easily navigate your file system with breadcrumbs Traditionaly a path is seperated with forward slashes. When a user wants to navigate to a sub folder inside path. They would need to breakup the path or simply retype. Breadcrumbs breakup paths into logical clickable and easy to access folder objects. So you simply click the folder you wish to move up to. Also each folder object is a hyprid drop down menu that populates sub folders of the parent folder object. Navigate with Vista style Perhaps the most highly regarded feature of Vista is its glass user interface. ViSplore by default uses a Vista glass style skin designed by WindowsX. Quickly access your desired files with the QuickFind feature Often when we are browsing a folder with a lot of files, we commonly want to find one file or folder specificaly. With the quickfind feature in ViSplore, you can simply begin typing the file or folder you are looking for and ViSplore will highlight it. DOWNLOAD AERO: http://rapidshare.com/files/167231683/bjfrogs_visplore_addon.cab DOWNLOAD BLACK AERO: http://rapidshare.com/files/167235897/bjfrogs_visplore_aeroblack_addon.cab MD5: 22CBEECA507045CE4AAA3C580334BA50 SIZE: 274 KB (280,609 bytes)
  11. i am wanting to know how to make a reg file to replace the wallpaper on windows xp, on the first STARTUP
  12. i want to know how to add a .REG files to the windows xp setup cd so that when windows starts up for the first time to will add them to the system automatic REG FILES I WANT TO ADD: +new start up programs +new desktop item ETC
  13. hi i am new here i was hoping to find out if any one know how to convert the SMSS.EXE file to SMSS.EX_ format, cause when i open the EX_ file with winrar and it reveal a EXE file so then i edit it, i can't make it convert into the EX_ HELP

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