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  1. I am wondering if it's possible to say put all of the different Windows disks from OEM, upgrade, retail, etc. all onto one DVD and then be able to choose which one you'd like prior to installing Windows. I've seen this sort of DVD in the past but was wondering if there is a walk-thru or instructional/tutorial on how to do one. I'd really appreciate the help. Thank you.
  2. Hopefully someone can help me but how do I create the entire file so that I can include it in say a AutoPlay Media Studio program? Do I just bundle the .exe and the .inf into one folder and it should work?
  3. Hey guys, I did some research after this post as well as some experimenting and actually re-did the slipstream with just the SATA drivers and sure enough I was 1) able to include both disks onto one DVD and 2) install it without any problems. I did have to leave SP3 off. So apparently you cannot slipstream SP3 with MCE2005 OEM.
  4. I have the OEM disks of Windows Media Center 2005. I have two disks, both CDs. I want to slipstream SATA RAID drivers as well as SP3. I tried doing it the normal way but upon adding the files I was told that it needs the source from the 2nd CD. I put the CD in and pointed it to the files. I went along and burnt it and was able to install Windows but there are many things missing such as IE, all of the Media Center functions as well. How do I properly slipstream Windows Media Center Edition 2005?
  5. Is it possible to uninstall the old versions first unattended and then install the latest versions? I plan to use AutoPlay Media Studio in order to run everything. Thanks.
  6. I'm trying to make a GUI that will install a bunch of programs. In particular I have Avast being installed. I'm trying to get the registration key window to auto populate upon installing and also to have Avast auto sched a scan on next reboot. I have this so far: @echo off C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4 sched.exe /A:* /RA:delete /RS:yes Can anyone help me out with this?
  7. Hi guys, I noticed there are a lot of mainstream sites like Gizmodo and Engadget that have posted new stories about this problem. I'm so thankful for their support. Otherwise we'd be getting the shaft from Seagate.
  8. Have any of you here had any problems with the ST31000333AS 1TB drives? I bought 3 from Newegg and then realized only afterwards, that these drives are all problematic. I went ahead and ordered two Western Digital Black 1TB drives. I'm holding on to the ST31000333AS drives in case these are permanently fixed. I'm not holding my breath though since I've heard that these also have issues.
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