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  1. You were right. Strange but one guy had Basic also as me, but he had Aero. I think DELL removed it from their version of Vista. Anyway i installed Vista Ultimate, and now i have Aero fully working. Thank you all for your help.
  2. Any idea how i can force aero in vista home? I have "Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (Up to 256MB shared)" (965 chipset) accelerator on mine Dell Latitude D630 laptop. 2gigs of ram. Mine windows are not transperent, how i can force them to be??? I have made these changes to registry with no help. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DWM] "EnableMachineCheck"=dword:00000000 "Animations"=dword:00000001 "Blur"=dword:00000001 "Composition"=dword:00000001 "CompositionPolicy"=dword:00000002 "UseAlternateButtons"=dword:00000000 "Glass"=dword:00000001 "Metal"=dword:00000000 "ForceSoftwareD3D"=dword:00000000 "DebugMessages"=dword:00000000 "DebugZOrder"=dword:00000000 "DebugMouse"=dword:00000000 "DebugDumpTree"=dword:00000000 Any idea?
  3. "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" - This effect doesnt work in my windows. Active desktop seems to be disabled. I saw in "regedit" ForceActiveDesktopOn - 1, i deleted it, and added NoActiveDesktop - 1. That didnt help. Strange that this value "ForceActiveDesktop" is by default even when i add new user. Strange, but how this can be done? This windows seems to be modified by "Acer", and i wanna know how they did that, and modify it back Please help me. Best Regards, Shadow_Fi.
  4. I have Acer laptop (7003) and have no shadowing effect in Windows, even if i enable it. (right click on my computer, properties and so on..). Maybe Acer deleted this function from this Windows.. Please help me!
  5. There is no support for nForce 2 based mother boards, and no support for Geforce 2-4 on Vista. But, old WinXP drivers work just fine! I use 1024mb of DD400 and nForce 2 based motherboard, AMD Athlon 2400+, and GeForce 4 Ti 4200, and I am using Vista just fine. I runs fast enough and no bugs with WinXP drivers so far.. When you install drivers, make Setup.exe run as WinXP SP2. You can find that if you click it with the right button on mouse, go in properties, and somewhere there will be that option.. "Hope you understood what im talking about".
  6. Which NVidia PCI-E 3d card is best and under 100 euros? Maybe something like ASUS GeForce 7300 GT 256 Mt PCI-E -- 84 € ?
  7. I need 939 slot motherboard. Which is cheap / good for overclocking / (has AGP ?). I allways used MSI motherboards, and i like them, they are cheap, and allways good overclocking (no hardcore overclocking used ). So any ideas? Best regards, Shadow_Fi.
  8. I have some MSI nForse 2, motherboard, with 1024 DDR 400mhz memory. 2 Hdd's, 80 + 300, both seagates. Have strange problem, when i turn my PC ON i have to wait few seconds (3-5s) then push reset, only then my computer will turn on. If i just push Turn On button, i have black screen, and some times my motherboard beeps strangely. My CPU is little bit overclocked, but it works just fine using reset button. Reseting bios didnt help i think. I just think, maybe someone had same problem? Im using my pc for a maybe year like this =))
  9. No, im running Windows XP. Ok, so what i should do then? There is no way to run any 3d old game? (Like half life 1). Can someone tell me wich is the latest and good perfomance forceware for GeForce 2 Pro?
  10. My wife has an Asus P5a motherboard, (512 SDRAM, 40gb HDD) and it isnt working with GeForce 2 Pro right (bsod, or 0-2fps in half-life 1). It works in windows normally only if i use very old detonators for Nvidia. Some guy said that Asus P5a isnt working right with GeForce 2 Pro, that coz voltage. I think thats stupid.. I dont really belive that. Anyone have any idea? Maybe some links on latest drivers on motherboard, or latest Bios? Maybe some perfomace tips? Anything! All the best, Shadow_Fi.
  11. I need help! I f*cked up my Kingstone USB Stick - 512mb. I cannot format it, cant, zerofill with Killdisk.. Windows anyways does see it.. But when you double click it, it says - Please insert Disc. When you push, format, nothing happens.. Seems to be bad error, or maybe physically it is broken.. dunno.. Maybe someone can help me out??
  12. Great Well how far is your project right now? I can be you beta tester
  13. So, as i understood, no one will even try to make uxtheme.dll for Win2000? Anyways, can you Gurgelmeyer, think about how to make all Win2000 icons look antialiased? Then, it would be pretty fun if with your pack would install shell32.dll with WinXP icons, or something like that. Then would be cool, if some one would make small util, that would came with your pack.. I mean something like TuneXP, coz there is very handy option, " ultra fast booting ". Would be cool to have this function in Windows. Just ideas
  14. Hard but not impossible? Windows 2000 is ugly, so it would be cool if you would be able to make new look for it. Anyways, the project rocks, and i am waiting for release. Regards.
  15. wow, uxtheme.dll! you just have to make modification for win2000! Really cool project! Good Luck in that!
  16. thanks man, it really worked. but is there way to make icons look antialiased?
  17. so, no one, were able to make uxtheme.dll for Windows 2000?? Is it still possible to make icons look antialiased, and under them shadowed text`? And maybe there is freeware skinning program?
  18. So, i have few questions about Win2000. First, i would like to know, how can i use 24bit icons everywhere in Windows 2000 (near language bar?). Then, how can i make icons look anti-aliased? I tried to put Windows XP icons, but here they are ugly Then, how can i use shadowed text under icons on the desctop? Like in Windows XP. Is there anywhere good edited Shell32.dll? Then, my last question, is how to get maximum perfomance for games, especially for UT2004, from WIN2000 using some regedit tweaks (ofcourse wanna avoid making Win2000 visual quality worse). p.s sorry for my terrible english...
  19. Well, i can use, and I am using Windows XP Pro right now. I have no problem with using it. But, as you may know, Windows 98 SE, is so fast and lite, so i would wanna use it with some heavy games, as UT2004. It is pretty pity that its imposible to integrate NTFS support Ofcourse there is Windows NT 4.0, but i didnt heard nothing about new servicepacks on it. XP is too heavy crap. Well i think my solution is to install Windows 2000. pity, very pity...
  20. Now, i was talking about this, about month ago, and now, i want new topic, to get things cleared. So, is there gonna be NTFS support, on WIN98SE or ME? If yes, how soon you are going to start work? And im talking about properly working integrated NTFS support, not some util. That would be very cool i think.
  21. Ye guys, it would be so cool. I wanna keep my XP on C:, and install WIN98SE or ME on D:.. thats coz i need NTFS support. So i think i wait for a 2.1 release. Good luck with NTFS!
  22. Blidns, are shareware! And i dont like warez, and still dont wanna to buy it. Im happy that your going to fix that cursor crap, coz it veeery annoying. Btw, is it possible to integrate ALI Aladin drivers there? Would be very handy! Then how about IE 6.0? Or you need license too?? And DirectX 9.0? And ye, too bad that theres no NTFS support .. Coz im keeping resetting my PC all the time, and with NTFS i have no cluster errors, and all that crap. I would install this OS on my newer PC, but, i cant, coz my HDD is on NTFS, and i hate FAT. Sad, really sad...
  23. I dont know much about this new servicepack, but i know WIN98SE. I would wanna to know, is in this SP good NTFS support`? Can this SP be integrated on Installation CD? And, are you thinking about of making easier way to configure network (like in Windows XP)? And can you make the whole Windows look better? Something like, shadowed cursor, and nice blue skin from XP? Is it possible anyway? Ive noticed that my old PC with Ali Aladin P5A motherboard, 450mhz CPU, and 256mb SDRAM (133), runs much better and smoother on Windows 2000, or Windows 2003 Server. Anyway i realize, that they maybe eat more mamory and so on.. But, they are just much smoother, and faster. Ive noticed that when 98SE works hard, and hangs for a 0.5 second, the mouse cursore does that too.. Windows XP, and all other new one, doesnt do that crap.. Well sorry if i speak sh*t, im kinda of a n00bie here
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