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  1. Any updates on this. I have the same problem. What I'm thinking now is to just create a script that will be run in a synchronous command. I just don't know what phase to run it. Thank you very much.
  2. Thanks Zorph. Thank you. thank you...
  3. Thanks for sharing. I've taken a lot of the code into my own HTA but again I'm a newbie at this. Can someone help me or point me to the correct direction on how to change the background image when an option is chosen from using a radio button? Here is my situation: I added two(radio) buttons that say (development and production) to readily distinguish the environment that they are going to get the image from. My problem is I cannot change the background image (am totally inexperience in html or hta) defined in <DIV>. Can someone please help me on how to do this? What I am doing is
  4. Hi, Maybe your cmdlines.txt is the same on both location. There are 2 locations that cmdlines.txt might appear. First is the one under ..\i386\$OEM$\ which is ran first. When sysprep runs on your cloned machine, it will run the one under ..\i386\$OEM$\$1\<Sysprep>\i386\$OEM$\ . If your cmdlines.txt is identical then it will run the same commands. Make sure to remove the ones you dont need and put in any of your post batch commands in there. Hope this helps. Obet31
  5. Hi Guys, I need help on how to get pass the Protect Your PC page without enabling the Automatic Updates feature. Basically, what I need to do is create an image with SP2 on it. This image will be distributed but I dont want them to see this page. In other words, no user intervention is needed. Thanks, Obet
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