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  1. up Please tell me why this is a dull question...
  2. Please please please... i do need help on this one
  3. Hi! I'm getting this problem while trying to make a tweaked cdrom for my customers' "genuine" installations: i use to install applications and hotfixes via the RunOnceEx method. After having it all done and ready, i run sysprep and "seal" the installation, in order for the final user to configure his own product ID and various settings. But in doing this, it parses cmdlines.txt once again, and so at the first reboot it re-runs the whole post-install routine from the beginning... how can avoid that? Thanks a lot in advance
  4. Ok Just two extra questions then: 1) You're talking about hundreds of patches, but WU shows about maybe 20 of them after the rollup... where do these "hundreds" come from? 2) Any hope for non-english users?
  5. Sorry for asking this at page 57 , maybe it's been covered a few times already, but, just to sum up... 1) Using your USP will i get the same result as installing W2K SP4 plus IE6 SP1 plus every hotfix found by Windows Update... or somehow better? 2) What's the advantage in building this USP instead of using Runonceex to apply "official" hotfixes after a plain SP4 installation? 3) Since i'm italian can this all be localized? Maybe i could help somehow... Thanks a lot, and sorry again for these probably dull questions
  6. Hi! If there's a thing that prevents me from using 7zip only, it's lack of .ace support... since i don't want any commercial software, i've found this little Xace extractor (from Winace site). But the installer is rather uncommon: it starts with a welcome page and, after the first "Next", it goes on with the first installation window, of which i attach a screenshot. It's not InstallShield, nor MSI, nor NSIS, nor WISE, nor INNO. I've tried several common switches but there's no reaction whatsoever. Any clue? Thanks in advance
  7. For all italian lazy people out there (and i know we're a lot! ) a handy .txt file attached with all the direct links to post-sp2 hotfixes, as of August 8 update Have fun! hotfixes_ITA.txt
  8. Mh... maybe i'm missing out something, but from the main thread of this forum (Link) i can understand that: and: can't use /integrate... every other listed update uses /q /n /z switches, and i believe that they are all compatible with /integrate. Check that thread out
  9. Very interesting! Thank you very much guys
  10. Thanks for your explanation ...but my question was different: if svcpack.inf is parsed during setup, and the entries in RunOnceEx are parsed after setup, we potentially have patches installed (svcpack.inf) before the relative applications are (RunOnceEx). This is expecially relevant for win2k setup, for which there are tons of hotfixes for IE6 and WMP9 that would be applied before IE6 and WMP9 are actually installed (if you install them via RunOnceEx), but the same happens for WinXP (with WMP10). What should i do in those cases? Thanks again
  11. First of all: sorry if this has been widely covered already... but i've read so many posts and guides that i'm pretty much confused now Question: the first post says "MS WINDOWS XP PRO SP2 - (26) WITH Windows Media Player 10 & MSN Messenger 7 installed" or "MS WINDOWS 2000 PRO SP4 - (19) WITH IE 6 & WMP 9 & DirectX 9.0c & MSN Messenger 7 installed" But, as far as i know, the most often chosen method is: Hotfixes in svcpack.inf (T13 stage); Applications in RunOnceEx.cmd (Final bootup). This way WMP10 would be installed AFTER his hotfixes (even worse fow Win2k, which doesn't even come with IE6). How can this work? Thanks a lot
  12. Sorry if this has been covered already, but i cannot find it via search engine... maybe due to special characters interpretation Anyway: Is there a way to prevent Type2 hotfixes (/Q:A /R:N) from saving backup files and showing themselves in installed applications, just as /N does for Type1 updates? Thank you very much
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