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    Shrink PE2.0?

    Very nice improvement. My tftp downloads are about 25% faster when shrunk using the JAZKAL instructions. The download time is about 30 seconds now for the 115MB winpe20.wim image. Thank you, Fisher
  2. In WinPE 2.0, I get the Access Denied error when starting an HTA from a non-system drive like a mapped drive or removable media device. Try launching the HTA from a location on the system drive, should be X:.
  3. Here's an embarrassing attempt at a graphic explanation if it helps any. I'm sorry for any harm to your eyes. Please let me know if you try this and if you have any trouble, I'll try to help. For the imaging to launch, you'll need to put the ghost files into \program files\ghost8\ or set the location in the HTA. There is a comment at the top with the line number for that. I'll update when I have some imageX incorporated. For testing I map the drive to the ghost images location as it is set in our PE image and launch the HTA on my normal workstation. I did work for a long time using some .NET
  4. Most of the WinPE help seems to tend toward advanced plug-ins to create a live cd desktop. I like that too, but my main need at work is maintaining a simple and easy imaging platform for technicians. If anyone is looking for something like that, here is my first stab at a solution. Some features: dynamically creates image options from directory structure = easy updating, no editing WinPE image displays a separate details panel for each image for in-depth image info, version history, notes, etc relies on a basic WinPE 2.0 image with only stock add-ins = easy to build and maintain To begin, y
  5. Can anyone provide info on the possibility of renaming a workgroup xp machine without a reboot? I'm interested in booting a static xp image (.iso, vmware, virtualpc) and being able to give it a name when it starts. I don't care about ad or domains in this case. Thanks!
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