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  1. Hey all,

    I'm back from the dead, kind of. I've missed out on a lot of hardware-related news over the years. Anyways, I haven't built a desktop in about 10 years (about the same time I joined MSFN) but am planning to build one since I won't be on the go as much as I have been while I was in school (holy crap, just graduated!).

    This was my first attempt at speccing it out: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bNUV

    Here's my revised build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/bP6J

    Trying to get the built closer to $1k as much as I can, just not sure what to cut. I would cut the SSD down to 128GB if I wasn't planning a dual-boot with Linux and Windows 7, so I'd like to keep that if possible. The Samsung HDD is there for storage and I'll eventually have another one in there for some RAID1 action.

    What will I be using this for? Occasional gaming, media playback, photo editing, file/media store/server. I also need it to have some pep for running some CPU-intensive apps on occasion. What exactly? No idea yet, but it happens from time to time.

    Tripredacus will wine about how I asked /r/buildapc before coming to MSFN for help, but that's only because a bunch of friends recommended it.

  2. Happy birthday, gamehead200. :)

    The first thing I did on my 21st was get punch drunk and roll around in a snowbank. I don't remember a thing. LOL

    Of course, for you up north the drinking age is only 19. When I went to Canada to drink at that age, I had to convince the border patrol officers at the Ambassador Bridge that I was still sober enough to drive home. :)

    Here's to hoping your 21st is more memorable than mine. ;)

    Funny thing - I've celebrated turning legal drinking age three times (18 when I was in Quebec, 19 while in Ontario, and well, 21 for when I'll be in the US, where I'll be doing my next internship). Had a fun time with my friends last night, and the partying hasn't ended just yet. :)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  3. In my experience, Office 2003 has been more stable than Office XP (Word included) - the only other difference from what I can remember is that Office 2003 has a "prettier" GUI.

    I wouldn't have bothered with the updates had it been me installing it... Or I would have just installed SP3 and left it as is. I don't use Office as much as I used to anymore...

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