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  1. 3.80 final is out, could you please update to it? Tnx in advance
  2. multi processor is what your pc will pick, but seriously im with Kel on this one, no benefit from setting it to anything else but auto
  3. Gigabyte offers very nice boards at good prices. Got an Ex38-DS5 here, works great.
  4. Intel chipset = Crossfire Nvidia chipset = SLI if your gonna run Crossfire, you really wanna have 2 pci-e x16 2.0 slots, so get an X38 or X48 chipset (there isnt really any difference between them, so get X38 cos its probbly cheaper) X48 does support DDR2, DDR2 is probbly the best to get since its cheaper then DDR3 and not that much slower. The difference between X48 and P45 is that X48 can run 2 Ati-cards at pci-e x16 speed, where the P45 chipset will change back to 2x pci-e x8 when you run 2 Ati cards, when you use only 1 card they will both run it at x16.
  5. get a .msi installer, that will install.
  6. SSD's > Raptors. And if you want quad-sli you will need Vista coz xp cant render more then 2 or 3 images ahead which vista can and with 2gig of video memory you will need x64 else you will lose a lot of ram.
  7. What do i have to change to set it so that winamp shows in taskbar and nolonger in system tray? and what to change to see song numer in taskbar? for the rest i really like the addon
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