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  1. superfetch infact dosnt cause "trashing" as you put it, not having it enabled is STUPID, superfetch is simply prefetching of commonly used apps, it can drastickly improove system performance if you have the ram to run it, I have 6gb of ram, and wish it would use MORE of my ram, it could cache most of my games maps and such so load times would be far shorter!!! People who dissable superfetch and caching really dont understand what they are doing, they just think they know their s***........ The os USING your ram is a GOOD THING, it dosnt take long for the fetched stuff to be dumped out of system ram IF another app ever needs it, even with superfetch enabled I rarely hear any "Trashing" (think he ment "thrashing") on system boot, the system caches commonly used apps and files, after that, it dosnt have to go to your hdd as much to load said apps, hdd activity is LOWER during common tasks, like when i load paint.net or gimp or opera or chrome the hdd dosnt even have to tick over once till i been using opera for a while(it saves its state so if it crashes or the like u can just re-open opera and have ur tabs just like they where) Oh, a good peice of advice I have for anybody whos got multi hdd's is to put a page file on each of them(as long as they arent some ancient slow peices of crap) My system perf went up nicely just from adding 2gb page files to my d,e, and f drives
  2. will this allow me to use a Visiontek Tv Wonder 650 card on server 2008 properly? just asking because I am about to order one In part I plan to use the card to record vhs tapes so I can make video files from them for my mother, the other part is, i wana beable to watch tv on my puter ofcorse
  3. the last one wont ever happen, ms makes to much off selling diffrent os versions for workstation and server use. i agree with some of what you said, and for server use a mode like windows home server where you dont need the GUI installed would be handy, mainly for remote managed servers. and to #6. for the love of god, dont give ms any ideas!!! WGA NEVER WORKS, DRM never works, within hours of an update to DRM/WGA somebodys found a fix, at most its days and a fix/crack is found, as the first post says, ms needs to just GIVE UP the antipiracy war, sell their os at a price that geeks can afford or are willing to pay. my vision of this as i have said b4 is thus. offer an "geek edition" of the os's that dosnt come with ANY support other then windows updates, no phone or email support(but email bug reporting ofcorse) and offer it of ALL editions of windows, charge a nomonal fee, 30-40-50-60-75 for diffrent editions,(server not included in that price list) if somebody who buys that edition of windows needs to call ms for support, charge by the minute or call for support, sell ms support prepayed cards at bestbuy and the like. as to the 32 vs 64 bit argument, i agree there shouldnt be a 32bit version of the os, BUT it should support older games and apps that are made to work on nt5 and up, i have ALOT of games that i play that i wouldnt want to loose just because some foolish people dont see the value in supporting older apps. some fetures i would like to see. 1. minwin or simlar kernal, strip out the lagacy code, use plugins/exct to support apps that need lagacy code support, allow that to be added when/if an app needs it and not be loaded other then to support those apps, like a compat libery. 2. better startup/shutdown tuning tools built into the os, msconfig isnt neerly as powerfull as i would like to see, allow the same work to be done by editing files. 3. move away from the current regestry design, move to a beos like file system that supports attributes to files that can do the same jobs as many reg settings for apps, this would make removing spicific software easyer, tho with the way windows works it would still need some kind of reg equivlant for some things. 4. like said above a mode/option to choose manualy all the stuff you want to install and dont want to install. 5. combine with above, no services enabled by default that arent needed, set them to manual like mode for services that are commonly used insted of auto, if somebody uses something alot they can choose to set it to auto OR use a wizzard(eww) to choose to set it to auto(like people who need windows image aquisition loaded on boot) 6. support for alternate gui's native, build a fraimwork that allows people to design custom gui's for windows that give the same fetures as default gui but can look totaly diffrent. now this one is a nice idea, BUT would need some basics some people here would complain about, it would need a default REQUIERED gui like basic explorer for remotedesktop from OEM's like Dell when helping noobs(like my father), this wouldnt need to be large, infact it could be quite small and compact and could be used as a base for other gui's to sit over (like windowblinds) 7. better driver fraimwork and install/remove management, todays drivers dont remove all their CRAP when they uninstall, this causes problems, i think if ms changed how the install/remove managment is done it would help, have the manager monotor all changes the installers do so it can reverce them insted of relying on install shield, if done properly this could be a boon to all users, because it could also allow easy updates without the need to run an uninstall then clean then restart and install new drivers, updating files would be fast and simple with the proper driver manager. thats most of my current wishes, i also would like to see better abstraction to prevent system lockups and crashes, and b4 any linux nut says that linux is imune to that, bs, i run linus/bsd on a couple systems, sometimes an app can force u to do a hard restart because when it buggers up, it takes the systemdown with it. Oh thought of another one!!! 8. better memory managment system that can detect app memory leaks and stop/prevent them from getting worse, also would be nice if you could limmit via rclick menus how much ram an app is allowed to use
  4. I know it was STUPID but i edited/added a reg key due to missing tray icons, i found the "tweak"/"possable fix" on some site, bunch of ppl said it worked, problem it delays the desktop load by like 90-120seconds........ this all started with nod32 version 3's tray icon dissapearing and taking some others with it. i since have moved back to 2.70 till they patch 3, and need help tracking down possable reg keys or tools that could help me fix this. i know bone head move loosing the regkey file/notes i had taken befor i didnt the mod.......please help anyway, i got a ration of s*** on neowin when i asked for help a couple weeks back
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