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  1. are you selecting a vista installation to create/modify?

    and what isnt working the actual installation that you create or vLite isnt letting you modify the installation etc. ?

  2. speaking of free MMO's and free chinese games Gpotato has i think 4 or 5 free mmo's and they are chinese based... i actually played a few of them and they were really good although their games do get hacked from time to time (Flyff having major issues with boss spawns in the middle of town that were created by hackers etc. etc. ) but really isnt that worse than any other game?


  3. well just to check i would boot into safe mode w/ networking and browse around in there for a bit and see if it hangs up. also i would run a ram test with something like memtest or what not. just out of being a tech at work and seeing alot of old computers i tend to blame malware/ram for weird problems before anything else haha

  4. i was very impressed with the beta they released a month or so back... i didnt investigate it in detail nor did i run it for along time but i put it on a few machines here at work and gave it a run for its money and worked pretty well.

    Right now the beta seems really close to finished but even if it's 99% finished, getting that last 1% could easily be just as much work as the previous 99%.

    haha that is true

  5. well i managed to get it where i could access the folder via the freshly formatted computer... but how would i get it to scan the folder for drivers via Device Manager? i tried to specify the location such as \\abcserver\test as the the folder but it could not access it. We dont set up any account on the computers that access the network here at work...

  6. What we have is several DVD's with raw extracted drivers on them, and here at work if a tech formats and reloads a machine instead of searching hours for drivers online they will pop in one of the dvd's and tell it to automatically search for drivers on the dvd and %99 of the time if the computer is 1year or more old it will find the drivers... but we have probally about 40gb's of extracted drivers and several dvds we have to go through to find sometime and i was wondering...

    Is there a way to make a folder on our server (Microsoft Server 2003) and tell the newly formatted computer to search that folder for drivers that are missing?

  7. I got a friend that built his own computer. He had a socket AM2 cpu he installed dual core, and wanted to upgrade.... he had purchased a AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition and installed it but it did not power up as normal. A brief view online i was under the impression that AM2 and AM2+ sockets were the same but different chip builds but i have two questions....

    1. Will the AMD Phenom processor work in this motherboard M2N32SLI (looks to me to only support the AMD 64 etc. chips now that i look at the description on NewEgg)

    2. This actual motherboard will let you customize alot of features in the bios, but he was also trying to OC it a little and was unsuccessful in being able to increase the voltage or anything that would contribute to a faster processor...

    From what i understand the OC isnt a must but it would be nice for the cpu to work... does he need to upgrade motherboards from the one he has? And the one that he does have isnt a bad one at all from what i can tell, would it be worth investing into a new motherboard for the Black Edition AMD cpu?

  8. im in a weird situation... i have a laptop that wont boot to dvd (its a cd-rw and i dont have a drive i can put in there that is dvd), i tried booting to a dvd that was hooked up usb external but no sucess...

    Dell Inspiron 4100

    I thought about using vlite to take the ram restriction off but that only would work if i booted to dvd right? I was trying to install from within Windows XP which is what is loaded on it already but i keep getting ram error.

    :( help



    is there a way that i can burn vista to cd's instead of one dvd?

  9. i've tried to write one before but does anyone have a working script that you can run in a .bat that will take everything out of your startup and services(besides microsoft services)

    i've tried deleting everything in the reg entries under Run and Runonce etc. but never worked out right and i've lost the code that i tried to use...

    (doesnt have to be a .bat i just have a WPI that installs alot of software and i really dont need it all starting up when windows starts up, so a script or anything that i can launch from WPI to clean the startup out silently would be a big life saver as i would use this 4x-10x every day)

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