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  1. Hi All,

    So I finally got my d-skins about 2 days ago.

    Highly recommended.



    thanks for sharing that back with us mike. i personally have never used any covers for cd's or game's but a friend of mine say they are a life saver. also to anyone else that reads this there is a service that guarantees their work although i have never used this before i have herd that they are really good a "fixing" scratched cdroms and games including wii games.

    ebay - cd cleaning service

  2. Sound big but not having to download at the same time is good...I only have a 10GB cap per month so yeah

    i would pick up the game then... Portal and TF2 were really good games, Portal will stump your mind, and TF2 gives you a new shooter to play if your burnt out on the current ones or just want to do something different. I really enjoyed both games alot..

  3. just a quick run down, have you tried reinstalling that version of firefox, what about in safe mode w/ networking, viruses (maybe?). what about opening another tab in IE7 does it do the same thing?

  4. sorry took a bit of time to get back. what i did was make a timer so that it calculated everything without a button but here is what i did.

    Public Class Form1

    Dim intNum1 As Integer
    Dim intNum2 As Integer
    Dim intNum3 As Integer

    and so on... and so on...

    Private Sub Timer1_Tick(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

    If TextBox1.Text = "" Then TextBox1.Text = "0"
    If TextBox2.Text = "" Then TextBox2.Text = "0"
    If TextBox3.Text = "" Then TextBox3.Text = "0"
    If TextBox4.Text = "" Then TextBox4.Text = "0"

    and so on... and so on...

    intNum7 = TextBox1.Text
    intNum8 = TextBox2.Text
    intNum9 = TextBox3.Text
    intNum10 = TextBox4.Text

    and so on.... and so on...

    (reason for that is if you deleted the number 0 out of the textbox before you typed in it the app would crash )

    TextBox33.Text = intNum1 + intNum2 + intNum3 + intNum4 + intNum5 + intNum6 + intnum25 + intnum26 + intnum27 + intnum28 + intnum29 + intnum30
    TextBox34.Text = intNum7 + intNum8 + intNum9 + intNum10 + intNum11 + intNum12 + intNum13 + intNum14 + intNum15 + intNum16 + intNum17 + intNum18 + intNum19 + intNum20 + intNum21 + intNum22 + intNum23 + intNum24

    and that last code was a part of the math that i needed in the app so just ignore that, that is only for ref to someone that needs help in how it works . hope someone eventually finds this helpful

    r3incarnat0r and gunsmokingman thank you both for your help on this issue :D !

  5. thanks for the reply, im currently on a xp sp3 machine but we require a very very small app here at work and decided to power up the vb6 engine to see if it would still work haha. will update my system/software to a newer environment that is more supported. thank you.

    but your screenie shows XP
    lol i had too look twice and see how you knew that, but it has been a long 10+ hour work day. thank you again.
  6. We have 4 ps3's and no tvs. What we need to do is hook up the ps3's to 4 lcd computer monitors and also need sound. The monitors have built in speakers (and we have standard desktop speakers) and DVI / VGA inputs... moneys not a option (and we dont have tv's here so thats not an option).

    We have a best buy, office depot, super walmart etc. in town. what do we need lol? im stuck at work and no idea right off hand.

  7. I had a customer come in today with a ton of viruses on her computer. She asked "Please i dont want to loose any information" so i told her that was no problem etc. etc.

    So i took the hard drive out, hooked it up to another machine as a secondary hard drive and ran a few virus scanners such as Malwarebytes and Spybot. It removed around 500+ viruses and spyware. So i put the hard drive back in the machine and it blue screens each time i power the computer on. I though wow this isnt good lol.... so i poped in the XP Home cd and attempted a windows repair (pressing R on the last screen instead of esc to install from fresh) and it loaded the files up and right before it hit the part where it restarts to the Windows GUI 39mins part, it blue screens again with this error.


    0x00000051 (0x000000004,0x00000001,0xE11187E8,0x003D8CE0)

    And now im stuck lol... how to i get this machine back up and running without loosing any information?

  8. had a customer with a bad motherboard, i replaced it with a new socket 478 mb. she wanted to do a fresh install so i booted to xp disk, deleted partition, and continued the process and got the error "Unable to partition hard drive" so i though maybe swap hard drives with another one and see if it works with installing windows on it, and i would just ask the customer to buy a new hard drive if it does work.

    Well i installed the new hdd and went to power on the computer. The bios detects the hard drive and the cd-rom, but i went to "F9" to select boot option and got the error "Missing User-ROM?" .

    Figured ok i'll pop the hard drive back out. Same thing. I unplugged the hard drive, cd-rom, and cleared the bios via removing the battery, same error each time. Everything worked good until i changed the hard drives out. This is about a 4 year old machine.

    What i have tried: Installing a new hard drive afterwards, unplugging the cd-rom, changing cd's i was using, swapping ram a few times, clearing the bios via removing the battery.

  9. I can't say that I have ever tried to do such a thing. But you may be able to do it by either adding the everyone group or enabling or creating another guest account and giving that account permissions.

    That sparks a few ideas i will share with a fellow worker and see what we come up with.... we might can work around the permissions thing :D ^^btw thx

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