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  1. i could def use this tool in the future :D

    but had no luck accessing a network that you have to log into (start>run>\\abcfolder\abc>enter username / password)

    im starting to get the drift that this isnt something you can do without making the folder somehow public to every computer that is connected? Since these computers are not configured on a network to access the folders on the server, is there a way to make a public folder anyone could access? (as in a customer walks in the store and plugs directly into a network cable and can see the folder)

  2. So far summed up...

    For the machines with OEM keys already attached with original motherboard still intact, it is ok to reinstall a new copy of XP to the hard drive and resell to the public as long as it was used from the OEM cd (Dell with Dell, HP with HP and so forth).

    For the machines without OEM keys attached to it, since its a low amount we are talking about and not 1000+ per month, the best way is to purchase an OEM from the vendor or the fully featured package product.

    As far as the leasing company selling with VLK's, to stay on the safe side i will just deal with companies that supply an affixed key w/ software.

  3. i think in the past we asked a rep with microsoft about it, but lead to a dead end. They wanted to sell us way more keys than we would ever use and only discounted us about %30.

    But about the leasing company, i had questioned it a few times with myself is what they are doing legal, and limited my buying from them to hardware and not systems until i figured out more about the legal side of the situation. Best way to find out is to ask them? But if the computer needed to be reloaded hope is lost on that situation doing it legally correct?

    As far as using the key that is attached to the computer, i always though you had to purchase a new key each time the computers ownership changed, but thank you for enlightening me once again cluberti :D

    I would say only about 75 - 125 machines per month that we get do not have OEM keys attached to them. But the only legal way to sell these is purchase a new key from microsoft for retail unless we work a deal with a sales rep from microsoft?


    By that last line i mean the computers come loaded / broken with Windows 2000 or Windows ME keys stuck aside them. Buying and using a XP Upgrade package be a less expensive, but legal way of doing it?

  4. We have a computer store that is pretty large considering the town that we are located in. And right now we normally take all the computers that is not picked up in two months, load them on a pallet and sell them on ebay as is. As of lately we want to clean them back up and sell them back to the public, and this has been working alot better than expected. But the problem that we are facing, even though these computers are basically free, we generally put XP on all of them. I have a few questions, and i feel i know most of the answers but still unsure, and searching google draws blanks in every direction.

    1. If we had a Dell machine with a XP COA on it, would it be ok to reload that machine using that sticker and resell to the public or by law you have to purchase a new XP COA for each machine that is sold? Also could a Dell XP Home sticker be legally used on a HP tower if it does not have a XP Home sticker on it?

    2. We also ran across a company online that leases computers, and is a rather large international company we purchased from in the past, and their machines are preloaded with a imaged XP ( I assume a VLK ). Is that legal?! I highly doubt what they are doing is the right thing, but i though i would ask.

    3. Our computers generally are 3-4+ years old, and we try and sell them for cheap since they are used recycled and what not. To purchase a key for each computer is quite a good bit since we sell these with 17" crt's old keyboards and run around $150, but is there a cheaper alternative to buying XP keys for used 2nd hand computers to resell? I read somewhere about a resellers agreement but they were asking for a company to purchase like 5000 or more keys a month.

    We sell around 5-10 used computers per day for cheap, we just want them off our hands. We are going to do it completely legal, my boss wants to know they cheapest way possible so we dont have to spend alot of money and time into doing it? What is my best options?

  5. yea but i cant seen i dont have got a credit card and my mum and dad wont let me Lol

    well that was a setback on me two when i was growing up dont feel so bad bro...

    BUT one thing you can do is like at a pharmacy or walmart you can get a pre-paid credit card, kinda like a gift certificate but its a visa, and you can purchase online with it :D

  6. I have two personal home computer, a little project of mine i have been working on.

    Is there a program that monitors network traffic and can edit packets that is more less easy to pick up on for someone that is somewhat computer savvy? Not really trying to install 2 nic's into one computer and direct all the traffic from one of my computers to the other and then to the internet. But if i must install two nic's into one computer to hook the other computer into before it hits the modem i will.

    Basically my target is if i type in www.google.com on one computer, i want it to be able to change it with the other computer once i click enter to www.yahoo.com

    Or is this little project of mine a lost hope haha?

  7. i'll have to pick back up on this monday... but so far i have been unsucessful. What i have done (if anyone else finds this useful) is that i have a external hdd with all the drivers on it or inside folder within it and i get the computer to search the ext. hdd for drivers... just though it would be nice to search for drivers via anywhere we plug into the network instead of running around going "Where the heck is my external hard drive gone!!" lol

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