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  1. If that same app is checked in right side then it will not be checked in left side. First preference will be for default features list. Next new build will be available tonight. I added some new options.
  2. RT 7 Lite currently supports with these language packs....if their native is not found then it will exit. P.S: some users find difficulty when rt 7 lite installing only in C:\ I will change this settings and rt 7 lite can be installed in any partition and you can launch from that.
  3. Ive made about five different images with the same result. Ive tried different settings in each image and each time it asks for HDD drivers. post your last session file
  4. Try to integrate your Hdisk driver and check it. Otherwise image may be corrupted
  5. Look....if the app is not meeting your requirements then stick with the app you wish. Someone like windows and someone MAC. Samething if you like 7lite use it otherwise go with the app you like. I'm not pushing anyone to use 7lite. Whatever you say I don't care.....your words or thing not going to hurt me right. I'm here becoz for other users. If you don't really please leave off from this topic and uninstall rt 7 lite.
  6. not saving!! check it in RT 7 Lite directory\Preset folder P.S: Remember preset will be saved only when the task is completely accomplished and not in the middle of the progress
  7. Did you checked clearly your last session? You disabled Windows sidebar feature... [Features] WindowsGadgetPlatform=False its in False i.e it will be disabled
  8. Sorry brother there is no 1.xml in my install.wim nither any wim.xml. If you want the wim info here is the wim info taken with the help of gimagex: did you also used vlite?
  9. I guess you must be talking about xml named ultimate, as my OS is "Windows 7 Ultimate". There is no xml with "wim" name. Here is my ultimate.xml. I don't need this one friend...put the 1.xml present in install.wim...I mean the WIM xml info file.
  10. keep the .NET framework 3.2 while selecting winsxs then you can install .NET 4
  11. i just now installed on my machine friend....its working Do you see anything in my LastSession.ini that would cause any problems? I can't even get to the setup GUI from my DVD. where is you last session file bilar?
  12. It seems some other error not because of service pack 1....I installed and its working good.
  13. first remove the default driver then integrate the new one. Its better to add nvidia driver in application integration with adding a silent switch for that. So that it will be installed during first login.
  14. Did you slipstreamed Service pack 1 or integrated any applications?
  15. Check the temp directory and see you are having rt_mount folder. If still existed then check registry editor and if you found some unknown registry keys un HKLM then just unload those keys. Now try dism to unload the image dism /unmount-wim /mountdir:%temp%\rt_mount /discard
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