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  1. yeah its correct....Just translate as it is. Thank you for finding the spelling errors...Just typed fast...ok send the document ASAP
  2. Removing winsxs cache will most assuredly break your .net install. While it may leave certain core functionality, your experience suggests that the cache is better left alone. I have found it impossible to reinstall .net once it is removed. I will fix this issue becoz winsxs will reduce the size ultimately.
  3. You are trying this after windows 7 was customized. First install .NET framework 3 and 3.5
  4. I'm working for the translation to the other part! It's a hard job! Sure I give you when it's done. Many thanks bensam56! ok thank you....
  5. Files renamed! Fixed: GettingStarted_FR Where is the other document?
  6. Tweaks will be applied during customization itself directly to registry hives.
  7. one of the INF in that driver pack has no version information after the release date. Thats y that error is coming. Wait for next build. I got the same error while some info was missed in INF. I fixed that so wait for the next build friend.... @clavicle: It will be available once after the public Beta release of SP1
  8. Thanks for the reply. I finally figure it out. What happen was i select all drivers in the folder that contain sound, graphic, lan, wlan, etc and i guess RT7Lite can only handle certain amount of selection. so to resolve, i select one at time. example, i select sound folder add it then go on to the next folder, etc not like that friend...app can handle any amount of drivers but the thing is if any required info is missing in any INF then that error will happen. Anyhow I sorted out that problem and fixed it.
  9. Tell me which driver pack you downloaded and how you selected the folder as....I asked this same question to another user but I not yet received the answer. Till then I cannot solve this. The thing is required info is missing in some driver INF files. Thats y its happening.
  10. You can..just extract the 7z file and locate the folder using rt 7 lite....
  11. I'm adding another option for this as "Save settings and export Unattended XML" - This will just export the XML. P.S: In integration you can also give your own command line switch to install the app silently....and if you forgot to select ISO bootable it will automatically popup a window and asks you a confirmation whether you want to create a image or not?.... Server 2008 r2 customizer also ready....sending it for testing....
  12. Agreed. And "Removing winsxs cache will render .NET unusable and uninstallable in the future." Also, "Removing Internet Explorer requires a forced reboot after first logon," just so people don't freak out when Windows goes down for a restart. Another example would be Windows Media Manager, in the driver section. "Windows Media Manager is MANDATORY if you use media hardware of any kind." This is not meant as a criticism; just a suggestion so people might know what they are getting themselves into. Hello friend.....NET can be installed again. I changed the settings. It will be uninstalled correctly and you can install it again without any trouble. I will add a note for other things....thank you
  13. Left side is for permanent removal Right side is for enabling and disabling windows application. It will not be wiped out from WIM.
  14. Customize the untouched windows and the windows where the components never removed before.....Don't customize the windows which is already customized like already removed stuff's....It will bring errors while integrating drivers or updates.
  15. Any help how I can solve this? Do onething....copy the boot.wim alone from Windows 7 DVD and replace it with customized windows. Is your windows is a OEM?
  16. Wow, just 668mb New Build??????????????? Are you talking about the version v1.0.8 or you are going to release another version after v1.0.8????????? And are you sure aero theme is working fine in your OS as I feel if move your cursor to any of the opened window it will not show the preview of the window. I hope I am wrong. Aero basic is working right...thats on VMware. Releasing 1.0.9 now...Only thing is after windows installation you have to enable glass transparency manually becoz of WINSAT removal. But if you keep WINSAT it will increase the ISO to 713MB....you can remove other components leaving WINSAT but I can't give guarantee for your selections...
  17. Oh, sorry for misunderstanding. @nice_guy: Wait for new build and In new build just select Advanced option and uncheck Windows Aero Themes from Multimedia and Services. I tested it and I will send you the inf via PM....check the screenshots
  18. Just see about this exception in previous page. This is due to Tablet PC removal. Its a small mistake i made while saving the project. Actually i debugged it from previous build but during compilation its reverted.
  19. Nope nothing. Installed win7 x64 from the ISO i mentioned into VirtualBox (maybe that could be a problem..?), installed your tool, started it and pointed it to the source on the ISO. After it is done copying it local i get that message. Just tested another ISO (7600.16384.090710-1945_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso) same problem. Manually mounting the install.wim using C:\Program Files\Windows AIK\Tools\amd64\imagex.exe works fine. Don't test rt 7 lite in virtual...
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