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  1. While p2p pirated stuff can have virus in it But hey everything any more could The thing that gets detected with the cracks is either The legit packer or code that it uses. That just happens to be soo widely used That hey most common troj virus out there use it so av engines detect it cause its just easier to track the virus that way
  2. Mr Jingie has the right idea its either a BHO or Could be Hosts file.
  3. MSSE i dont think will work with WSUS plus WSUS may complain if you try something besides a server platform any AV software that has this feature out there is going to be targeting enterprise and require a min number of license
  4. Whats so much better with this over just normal windows terminal server?
  5. Droiyan3 these can be inside root kits so they can be getting cleaned and auto reinfecting. To be hones thy all infect the systems from domains or the stupid pop ups if you want to prevent it restrict your uses so thier profiles will not allow them to install anytthing and get something with a web content scanner as a BHO and see if that does it
  6. you cant relaly protect yourself against it unless you stop using stuff like IE that can use active X controls oh and the users stop clicking on stuff they dont have any idea what the pop up is there you could also look into just not using windows sytem restore a few variants like to hide in there
  7. Hey the guy asked if it had a back door or anything like that i provided info no need for sarcasim
  8. adobe will never be fixed use anothe pdf viewer that does not have netwokring features and you will be fine
  9. DO you know what root kit this is TDSS or anything oh the like if it is your out of luck with any conventional methods try a boot disk of some sort with a root kit scanner onit
  10. no there is not such free software but you could pry uses gpo to centrally push say avast but no managment
  11. nod32 will phone home if yo using cracked stuff
  12. Post a high jack this results we can figure out if its malware with that
  13. ok what are you trying to get at here with conficker

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