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  1. Glad to hear that it worked. :)

    For the help of those reading this thread in the future with similar problems, may I ask - what solution ended up working for you?

    This one worked for me

    Boot off of your Windows XP CD, and when you get to the first options screen, press R to open the recovery console. Log on to your Windows XP installation in the recovery console. Then type the following commands:

    <div class="codetop">
    </div><div class="codemain">fixboot</div>

    This will fix the boot loader

    cd C:   <--or whatever your systemdrive is for XP
    attrib NTLDR -S
    attrib NTLDR -R
    attrib NTDETECT.COM -S
    attrib NTDETECT.COM -R

    This removes the system and read-only attributes from NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM

    <div class="codemain">copy D:\i386\NTLDR C:\NTLDR
    copy D:\i386\NTDETECT.COM C:\NTDETECT.COM</div>
    [code]Replace D: with whatever the CD drive is. Make sure not to copy NTLDR from windows 2000. You can run

    <div class="codemain">dir D:</div>

    to list the contents of D:, and if it looks like the CD structure then you're good to go.

    <div class="codemain">attrib NTLDR +S 
    attrib NTLDR +R
    attrib NTDETECT.COM +S
    attrib NTDETECT.COM +R</div>

    This will restore the system and read-only attributes.

    As a final step...


    Which will fix the master boot record for you as well.

    Then type exit, remove the cd and XP should load succesfully

  2. So i should use recovery console of windows xp or 2000 they both are the same.But i doubt if something will happen if i use some other version.Since i am not much expert so i am leaving this question to the experts.

  3. windows 2000 doesn't allow me to change the file

    And will my windows xp remain safe.I have used the product key three times and next time i will have to buy a new one.

  4. NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM are backwards compatible, NOT forward compatible.

    I.e. NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM from XP can boot BOTH 2K and XP, whilst the 2K version won't be able to boot a higher version.

    When you installed 2K after XP, most probably the two files were overwritten with the 2K version, simply re-overwrite them with the ones from XP.

    Will I have to use dos to do this or puppy linux live cd will work.

    And besides will my remote connection details remain safe?

    Thanks for helping me.

  5. I had a windows xp x86 professional edition installed in my computer.But after installing windows 2000 my windows xp is damaged and wouldn't run from boot menu.What should I do?

  6. I also don't want to see the allow to run dialogue box.

    Vista keeps on asking for allowing a program to run.I keep clicking yes without seing a programs name and a week ago a virus downloader asked to run and i clicked because i have got habit of it.And no sooner my computer was infected with viruses.

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