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  1. There are many different ways to optimize windows XP besides installing service pack.

    But now-a-days it is almost necessary to install service pack 2, because it has a lot of security updates.

    But you can directly install service pack 3.

    If you want speed optimization then there are many different softwares for it which fix the registry and other settings.

    For graphical improvements use bricopacks from


    or use vista transformation pack. These two which I mentioned are free of charge.

    You can also buy window blinds.

    And you can use many registry tweaks.

  2. Worst OS : Windows Me (understood)

    Worst non-Microsoft OS : MacOSX

    Best OS : Windows XP Professional edition followed by windows vista.

    In my opinion windows vista ultimate is better than XP but i am simply not used to it. But i have not experienced any serious bug in Windows Vista.

    It is definitely more secure, while XP has been a target for viruses for a long time and they manage to find a vulnerability in it because of the enormous number of people using it.

    (starcraftmaster @ Mar 2 2009, 12:41 AM) yea windows vista is crap

    but win me is fine and good

    10 years and still going LOL

    Well can't be helped, some people definitely found the experience with Windows Me really good, but the reason remains unknown to me.

    And I have noticed that most people who are against windows vista have not tried it, but only one of whom I know managed to find much faults with Vista. There has been an enormous fixes in vista and is reliable.

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